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A Fast Home Fitness Workout

by Susan · 10 comments

Today I thought I would answer a question I recently received from a UHW Inner Circle Member.

“What kind of workout would have the most impact should you have limited time on a given workout day?”

Great question. And this cartoon better speak loudly to you.

Research shows that when you switch from relying on long, slow cardio for fat loss to interval training you are able to reduce your workout time in half.

The Ultimate Home Workouts that I design are generally about 30 minutes long, depending upon how many circuits you run through. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that our lives are busy and often unpredictable! Taking care of our family and working full time is time consuming and occasionally there are days where things come up that you can’t plan for. You might find even 30 minutes on a day like that is too hard to come by.

So, what do you do?Express FAT LOSS WORKOUTS

You get in a 10 Minute Express Workout!

Time should NEVER be an excuse when you have these 10 Minute Express Workouts to do!

Here is an example of a 10 minute express workout you can do at home whenever you can squeeze it in to your hectic day.

But be warned: just because they are quick, doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging!

Express Workout #3: BW squats

That’s right! Just the squats.

Set the timer for 10 minutes and do as many BW squats you can in this time. Rest as little as possible.

To increase the challenge, every 25th squat hold the down position of the squat for 20 seconds before continuing with the rest of the squats.

That, my friends, is “bodyweight cardio”! I guarantee that your heart will be pumping even more than if you were trotting along on the treadmill!


Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

Author, 10 Minute Express Workouts

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