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About the Diet Solution Program


about the diet solution programThis article will teach you everything there is to know about The Diet Solution Program, its Creator, and how it can help you lose weight.

The Diet Solution Program, created by Isabel De Los Rios, maintains that if you follow their diet plan you will burn 10% of your body fat in the first 30 days and you will continue to lose weight every month until you are at your desired weight.

Typical weight loss results appear to be 3-10 lbs in the first week with sustained weight loss after that.

The Diet Solution Program is NOT a DIET per say, rather a SOLUTION to your diet issues.

One of the things I liked best when I first heard about The Diet Solution Program and Isabel is that she offers you some free advice in a quick video discussing, “5 Foods To Never Eat”.

Isabel even claims that one person took the information they learned in her free video and lost 55 lbs! That was without even purchasing or using the actual diet plan!

I will let you watch the free video below so I won’t get into the nitty gritty of it all, but I did want to summarize what the video, and essentially The Diet Solution Program was all about.

It basically boils down to 3 basic principles of weight loss:

1. There are foods that accelerate fat burning.

2. There are foods that promote fat burning.

3. There is a special way to combine the right foods together to create the fat burning effect.

The short video tells you what these foods are. Watch it right now by clicking right on the video:


Anyway, it all sounded pretty good to me, so that’s why I personally purchased it when I heard about The Diet Solution Program and gave it a shot myself. Details to follow. But first……

Who is Isabel….

Isabel is a Certified C.H.E.K Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist who has helped over 300K people local to her and worldwide lose weight using her techniques.

About 10 years ago Isabel was 30 lbs overweight and was plagued by acne. Check out her before photo to the left.

She was fed up with being overweight and so went on a personal quest to find the easiest, healthiest, and most effective way to take the weight off.

The result was a 30 lb weight loss and The Diet Solution Program was born. Doesn’t she look awesome in her after photo to the right?

Isabel even found success using this diet plan during pregnancy and after she gave birth to her baby.

Oh, and her acne disappeared for good.

Sounds good to me.

(That’s why I bought it!)

What Do You Get With The Diet Solution Program….

The Diet Solution Program is delivered via digital download so you get instant access to all of the following great information.

Here’s a quick overview of the components of the diet plan:

1. The Diet Solution Program Manual – a detailed and comprehensive manual with everything you need to know to follow, implement, and succeed with the diet plan.

From what and when to eat to detailed food lists to charts and tables, this manual has it all. There is even a FAQ section and it even makes sure you know how to optimize the Diet Solution for YOU.

2. Metabolism Typing Test – this is a questionnaire that will tell you your own specific metabolism type so you can customize the diet plan to YOU.

3. Success Journal – since keeping track of your food intake can drastically increase your success on the diet plan this journal gives you a place to do so. This will help hold you accountable, and will show you where you may be making mistakes with your diet.

4. Food Shopping Guide – Isabel tells you how to run through the grocery store and pick up everything you need for YOU.

5. Quick Start Guide – This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the diet plan so that you can get started in 15 minutes or less.

6. Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat – when you read and follow the information in this guide you will make an immediate difference to your weight loss efforts. You may even wonder why you haven’t heard this information before.

7. Recipe Book – Isabel’s favorite simple and delicious recipes, such as Caribbean Chicken and Salmon with Pecan Pesto.

8. Done-For-You Meal Plans – flexible and delicious meal plans all spelled out for you so all you have to do it make them. So easy!

Here’s what the diet plan looks like altogether:

“But wait there’s more!” – I’ve always wanted to say that!

You get two awesome bonuses when you garb your copy of The Diet Solution Program.

Bonus #1. Free membership into “Beyond Diet”, a supportive community for all your dieting and health needs.

Bonus #2. 14 Days To a Sexy New Body, another awesome guide.

The Diet Solution Program is NOT…….

  • a crash diet.
  • a starvation diet.
  • a diet scam.
  • a sales pitch for diet pills.
  • a calorie or points counting system.
  • a depravation diet.
  • a carbohydrate restrictive diet.
  • a sales pitch for prepackaged and tasteless diet food.
  • a diet that will take over your life.

Who Is The Diet Solution Program For?

People who will find this information about The Diet Solution Program useful are:

  • those hearing contradicting weight loss information.
  • those who have no idea where to begin to lose weight.
  • those doing “everything right” but still are not losing weight.
  • those tired of diet plans that take over your life.
  • those sick of eating boring food.
  • those wanting a weight loss strategy that keeps them motivated.

Are you any of these people? If yes, then definitely take a closer look at the diet plan.

Who is The Diet Solution Program NOT For….

This diet plan is NOT for anyone who likes counting calories or points each time they consume food.

It is NOT for anyone who likes to obsess over what they eat or what they will be eating for their next meal.

It is also NOT for anyone who would rather starve themselves on a crash diet just to gain back all their weight and more when they return to their normal eating habits.

Wow, I hope you aren’t any of these people…..

Negatives About The Diet Solution Program….

At the time of my purchase, there was not a bonus gift of the free membership into the “Beyond Diet” Community. So I felt like I was sort of alone in my weight loss process.

I was really happy to see that Isabel had since started this community because, as human beings, we all have the need to be loved and supported, especially when working towards a major goal such as losing weight.

There are thousands of others in the same boat as you and it is so cool to be able to connect with them. Asking each other questions, sharing best practices, frustrations, as well as successes will help keep you motivated to continue on your weight loss journey.

My Personal Success On the Diet Plan….

Being a fitness professional and exercise physiologist myself, I am always researching best practices for losing wight and becoming healthy.

Let’s face it, we are all different so not any one diet plan will work for every single person. I found that out by working with hundreds of weight loss clients and helping them reach their goals.

When I purchased the Diet Solution Program I was so pleased to see that it wasn’t a scam and that Isabel provides you with such great nutrition information that is so contrary to what the food industry provides us with.

In reality, most of what we think we know is just wrong.

Anyway, the diet plan is super simple and once you take the metabolic quiz you can figure out what foods will burn fat for you and which ones might promote fat storage. You will even know which foods to eat together to help your cause.

The ability to take the metabolic quiz and learn more about your specific body and how it responds to food is the most valuable tool in this diet plan.

I read the entire thing and started working the diet plan. (BTW, I only had about 10 extra pounds on me, thanks to a long and lazy winter here in upstate NY).

In the first week I lost 3 pounds. Not too shabby!

And in the 3 weeks that followed I lost an additional 3 pounds, 1 pound per week.

That’s a total of 6 pounds in 4 weeks.

I suspect that if you have more then 10 pounds to lose you will lose more weight than this in the first month on the diet plan.

I was super happy about my weight loss results. But the best part is that my acne, which I had been battling since I was 12, was cleared up. Also, I had a higher level of energy overall, one that sustained me right through my traditional mid-day slump!

Next Steps….

If you have heard enough about The Diet Solution Program and are ready to give it a shot yourself you should start by checking out Isabel’s free video by clicking here.

If you like what you learn and you would like to build upon that information and have Isabel hold your hand and guide you through the weight loss process then you really should pick up your copy of The Diet Solution Program now.

BTW, Isabel offers a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are unhappy with the program or do not see the weight loss results you desire, just let her know and she refunds all of your money.

Click here now to get instant access to The Diet Solution Program.

You’ve read all you need to know about The Diet Solution Program…….

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