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1. Who can become an Ultimate Home Workouts affiliate?

Anyone with a fitness website, blog, or email list! Simply add any of the re-printable materials provided in the Ultimate Home Workouts Affiliate Tool Box to your website with your clickbank hoplink and you will be good to go!

2. How many visitors do I need to make my first sale?

You need to drive a lot of traffic to the Ultimate Home Workouts sales page to make your first sale.

Many people think they can get a few sales out of 10, 25, or 50 visitors. The truth is, you need to drive hundreds of shoppers to the sales page and you might get a handful of buyers.

Please don’t get discouraged or give up if you feel you aren’t making the amount of sales you should. This business is a numbers game. Drive enough traffic to the sales page and you will be successful.

3. What are the best methods for promoting Ultimate Home Workouts?

On your website, blog, ezine, solo mailings to your list, PPC ads, other people’s ezines, solo ads to other people’s lists, facebook, twitter, and other social media.

Try a combination of some of your favorite methods.

For example, you might put a re-printable article on your blog, send a solo mailing in your ezine with a review, and place an ad in another ezine with a large subscriber list. That way, you are providing repetition to your readers (not everyone acts the first time you tell them to) as well as marketing to to all the people on a list someone else has.

4. What are the Ultimate Home Workouts visitor demographics?

Ultimate Home Workouts were designed for both men and women between the ages of 25-55 who want a done-for-you home fat loss program. Not everyone likes to go to the gym! These people can also be too busy to go to the gym because of family, career, or school, or simply do not know what exercises to do and want a program that is all laid out for them.

5. Is it ok to use Ultimate Home Workouts images when promoting?

Absolutely! Use any of the provided images in the Affiliate Tool Box anywhere you place an article, review, or interview. Or just place it on your website because it looks cool!

6. What if somebody refunds the product?

The return rate is low, but it does happen once in a while. If someone asks for a refund of a product that you sold through your affiliate link you will lose the commission on that product.

7. What if I still have questions?

No worries! Just shoot me an email at info@physiologix.net.

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