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Best Ab Exercises: Stability Ball Roll Out

by Susan · 18 comments

When it comes to the best ab exercises, it is important to remember our “no crunches” motto.

Just as a review:

  • Crunches do not burn many calories
  • Crunches do not give you a flat stomach
  • Crunches do not make your abs “pop out”
  • Crunches CAN cause serious damage to your spine.

So, if we aren’t supposed to do any crunches, then what do we do to increase strength in our core, flatten our stomachs, or reveal six pack abs?

The best ab exercises are those that use your entire body and are anti-rotational exercises.

Meaning, the best ab exercises are where you use your core to stabilize your body and keep it in one position while weight or gravity tries to force it to rotate.

One of the best ab exercises is the stability ball roll out:

Here is a very quick video I made demonstrating how to do it:

How to do a stability ball roll out:

To do the stability ball rollout, simply get down on your knees with the stability ball out in front of you about 1 foot.

Put your arms out straight with your hands together (palms inward) and place your hands on the ball.

Stabilizing your core, slowly roll forward until your arms are straight and your body is at about a 45 degree andle (or your core is not strong enough to hold you if you roll out any further).

Roll the stability ball back in and return to starting position.


Try practicing the stability ball roll out 2-3 x per week, 1-2 sets, 8 reps/set.

Your abs will start to get stronger in no time!

The best part is, all the best ab exercises you can do as part of your home workouts, anywhere, anytime!

I will be back again soon with another one of the best ab exercises!

Until then, stop doing crunches!

Your Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

Author, Ultimate Home Workouts

P.S. Please leave a comment with your thoughts on the best ab exercises and the stability ball roll out.

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