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Best Diet Supplements 101:


best diet supplements

best diet supplements

How to Use the Best Diet Supplements to Help You Lose Weight & Redesign Your Body

Which of the best diet supplements to use is always one of the most frequent questions I get from my readers, as well as is the most highly controversial topic.

Which best diet supplements is a popular topic because people want the easy way out when it comes to getting what they want.

It’s controversial because most diet pill companies simply want to make money and many of them have proven that they will stop at nothing to make the most money they can.

We have seen companies advertise a certain amount of active ingredient, yet include very little in their product.

We have seen companies over charge for their product and make false claims.

We have even seen people get hurt and jeopardize their health using products that are dangerous just to get a desired outcome.

Well, that’s not how we roll here…..

Why These Really Are The Best Diet Supplements

Why? Because I would never take anything other than the best, nor would I suggest them to my family, including my Mom who does take a few of these, or to you, my readers.

I have partnered with 2 companies, Prograde Nutrition and Athletic Greens, to get us the best diet supplements I could find.

Now, there’s only a handful I take or recommend so it isn’t a long list. But I have read enough scientific research and seen enough case studies to believe they work as intended and are safe.

Which Best Diet Supplements I Recommend

First, I recommend a greens product, because you absolutely must, if you do nothing else, get enough greens in your diet. And it’s tough to meet the requirements without supplementation. What I like about this product in particular is that it comes in lemon lime flavor to mask the bitter taste of the greens. Read about the product in this post I wrote:

Prograde Genesis Greens Powder

The second of the best diet supplements I recommend is krill oil, of which the active ingredient being astaxanthin. This is an Omega 3 product, like fish oil, only better. This has been shown to decrease chronic body inflammation, and thereby, causing weight loss. Read all about the benefits here:

Astaxanthin Benefits & How it Can Help You Lose Weight

The third supplement really isn’t so much a vitamin as it is a hormone, a much needed, but highly deficient hormone. Especially in winter we are all chronically low in Vitamin D3 so supplementation is necessary for weight loss and heightened immunity.

Vit D3

There are a ton of different foods and spices that can help rev up your metabolism. Check them out here:

Cinnamon and Weight Loss?

Prograde Metabolism Review – Really Revs Up Your Metabolism

This last one isn’t essential for health or weight loss, but it is an excellent meal replacement and way to get enough protein in your diet.

Increase Protein Consumption For Faster Fat Loss

And there’s more we need to talk about the best diet supplements, but to get your hands on that material you have to enter your email address in the box below….

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