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The Best Fitness Blogs On The Internet

by Susan · 18 comments

Let’s face it. There is a ton of fitness and fat loss information available to us on the internet today.

Some sites provide information that is accurate, current, and scientific from certified trainers and specialists who care about the health and well being of their readers.

And most fitness blogs don’t.

So, I wanted to present a list of the top 10 best fitness blogs on the internet according to……me!

My goal is to help the Ultimate Home Workouts readers weed through the garbage and get right to the information that will offer the best chances for you to transform your body, improve your health and prevent disease, and help you obtain the Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle….one you can obtain and maintain without the use of fat burning pills, fad diets, and gimmicky fitness equipment.

The only problem was that I couldn’t stop at just 10 best fitness blogs. So, I added 3 bonus fitness blogs that I thought deserved a very honorable mention.

I know you’re anxious to see who made the list, so without further ado I present to you:

The Best Fitness Blogs On The Internet

*Note – this list represents my personal opinion based on what I look for in a fitness blog. These attributes include quality of content, quantity of content, ease of use, method of information delivery, overall experience while on the blog, and how I personally feel about the blog author themselves. I also chose the best fitness blogs that I thought would be most appropriate for the goals and interests of the Ultimate Home Workouts readers.

Best Fitness Blog #13: The Fitness Black Book - Advanced Tips Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Know About

I have been following Fitness Black Book for about a year now.

Written by Rusty Moore, this popular fitness site focuses on looking like a Hollywood star vs a massive bodybuilder.

Who wouldn’t want to look like a star?

Fitness Black Book promotes getting a slim and sexy body using methods that most celebrity fitness trainers and fitness magazines never talk about.

Rusty keeps you up to date on how to get flat and/or six pack abs, the type of exercises you shouldn’t waste your time doing, and what, if any, nutrition supplements you should take.

Best Fitness Blog #12: ValerieWaters.comBody Transformation Secrets From Hollywood’s Most In Demand Trainer

Valerie Waters is a Personal Trainer in LA and happens to be the one that celebrities call when they need to get ready for a movie role, an event, or a magazine layout.

Just a few of these celebrities have been Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, and Matt Dillon.

What I love about Valerie Waters is that she’s one of only a few handfuls of trainers (many of them will be on this list) who promotes a healthy lifestyle through appropriate diet and exercise, not some fat burning pill or weight loss gadget.

Oh wait, she does have a little weight loss gadget, called the Valslide, which happens to be one of my top handful of choices of fitness gadgets for fast and effective home workouts.

Best Fitness Blog #11: Fat Burning Tips For WomenTransform Your Body!

Written by Angie Schumacher, Fat Burning Tips For Women focuses on helping women lose weight, increase their strength and transform their bodies for a long and healthy life.

Angie provides great content for women – how to articles, recommendations, and killer workouts on video.

But Angie also knows that one of the keys to losing fat is having social support.

So, she has created a community forum right on her blog where all of her “Fit Chicks” can come together to discuss best practices and have their questions answered by both Angie and other Fit Chicks in the community.

Best Fitness Blog #10: Truth About Six Pack AbsWeird Fat Loss Tips & Healthy Diet Tricks To Lose Belly Fat

Mike Geary’s blog made my list of best fitness blogs for one reason – content.

Mike constantly puts out some of the top rated information on the internet today.

When I see Mike has done a new blog post, I read it, and I can rest assured Mike did his research before writing.

He never talks about any fad diets, lame fat burning pills, or gimmicky equipment (unless he’s busting on them) and always tells you the truth about what you need to do or avoid to lose belly fat and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Best Fitness Blog #9: Fit Yummy MummyPost Pregnancy Weight Loss; Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Body Back

Now while I am not “post pregnancy”, many of my clients are so that’s how I found the author of this blog, Holly Rigsby.

Holly focuses on fat loss workouts designed to burn body fat, flatten your belly, and firm up all the areas of your body gone out of whack from being pregnant.

Holly runs transformation contests, has a workout DVD of the month, and also has a community forum where all “Club FYIers” can mingle together with Holly and enjoy social support as they work to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back – and then some!

Best Fitness Blog #8: Fitness SpotlightGet Fit, Be Healthy, and Go Enjoy Your Life!

I love this site!

There is something so refreshing about hearing the truth about the things that are important and there is something so refreshing about how these guys communicate that truth!

Mike O’Donnell and Scott Kustes are the masterminds behind Fitness Spotlight.

I love their brutal honesty and humor that comes crashing at you through your computer screen as they educate their followers on finding a personal trainer, why diets don’t work, why eating real food is essential, and what the best cardio workout is.

Whatever you’re reading about on any given day at Fitness Spotlight rest assured you will be thoroughly educated and highly entertained!

Best Fitness Blog #7: AlwynCosgrove.comResults Fitness

I love Alwyn Cosgrove because he is another guy who doesn’t write one word about fat loss, increasing fitness, or building muscle without having done his homework finding research studies to back up his claims.

A 2x cancer survivor, Alwyn works hard to educate people looking to transform their bodies as well as other Trainers and Coaches and provides effective fat loss workouts based on the latest scientific studies.

Best Fitness Blog #6: Gym JunkiesCircuit Training Workouts & Strength Training For Fat Loss & Muscle Building

Written by Vic Magary, Gym Junkies is one of my favorite fitness and fat loss blogs to follow.

Vic has a great, rugged way of stripping exercise down and keeping it 100% real.

No hype, no gimmicks, just results.

Vic also loves to use some noncommercial equipment during his training (which is often a refreshing change), such as tires, sandbags, and sledgehammers.

Also a fan of living “primal”, Vic also provides some great nutrition advice and healthy recipes for his followers.

Best Fitness Blog #5: Fat Loss QuickieFast and Fun Home Workouts – Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Fat Loss Results

Fat loss expert Scott Tousignant takes you through the ultimate fat loss quickie experience.

Scott gears this blog towards women who work at home who have to try to squeeze in a fast and effective workout before the kids get home from school or wake up in the morning.

What I love about Scott’s approach to fat loss is that he focuses on more than just workouts.

Scott also places nutrition, motivation, and fun at the forefront of the blog in order to provide his readers with a one-stop-shop fat loss quickie experience!

Best Fitness Blog #4: BenGreenfieldFitness.comFree Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Triathalon, and Wellness Advice From The Top Fitness Expert In The Nation.

BenGreenfieldFitness.com is one of the first fitness/fat loss blogs I ever came across online.

So, Ben’s near and dear to my heart!

Ben Greenfield, voted 2008 Personal Trainer Of The Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, is a triathlete and triathlon coach, and discusses a wide range of health and wellness topics in his fitness blog including increasing your metabolism, nutrition supplementation, nutrition, and fat loss and strength building workouts.

Ben might be best known for his BenGreenfieldFitness.com podcast which you can also listen to right from his blog.

Best Fitness Blog #3: Burn The FatFat Loss Tips From Tom Venuto

Another fitness blog I chose to add to this list because of the pure content provided is Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat blog.

Author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle & The Body Fat Solution, Tom Venuto is another fitness blogger who bases his fat loss advice on scientific research.

Tom provides fat loss tips not just on diet and exercise but also understands the importance of the state of mind and staying motivated in one’s fat loss journey. For this reason, Tom runs one of the most successful fat loss support communities online today.

Best Fitness Blog #2: TT Fat LossFat Loss Advice From Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is another guy who always backs up his advice with scientific research. He also loves to debunk fat loss myths that have evolved with little or no scientific evidence whatsoever.

Craig’s fat loss blog is full of fat loss workouts from his popular Turbulence Training program, nutrition guidance, and numerous interviews from the top experts in the fitness and nutrition industries.

Craig maintains that fat loss is not simply about diet and exercise but that goal setting, motivation, and social support play major roles in fat loss success as well.

Craig often posts information on a daily basis providing his readers a constant stream of cutting edge information to help them transform their bodies and get the fitness and fat loss results they deserve.

Best Fitness Blog #1: Mark’s Daily ApplePrimal Living in a Modern World

Written by Mark Sisson, Mark’s Daily Apple is my most favorite fitness blog to read and therefore gets my vote for Best Fitness Blog on the Internet!

Author of the popular lifestyle book, The Primal Blueprint, Mark believes that living like Grok, an ancient ancestor of ours and one of the original homo sapiens, will lead us to the ultimate healthy life.

Mark believes we can be most healthy and fit if we balance our insulin production by eliminating sugar and grains, increasing our consumption of meat, eggs, and healthy fats, and slowing down our typical cardio workouts and adding in strength sessions and all out sprints.


So, there you have it! Congratulations to Mark’s Daily Apple and all the other great fitness blogs that made the top 10 (oooops, top 13) list.

People in search of the best fitness information will be well served if they find any of these best fitness blogs on the internet – and hopefully this Ultimate Home Workouts blog will be viewed with a similar reverence someday!

Your Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

P.S. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the 13 blogs on this list. Also let me know if I left out your favorite fitness blog.

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1 Ian September 14, 2010 at 2:38 am


Thanks for the list! I just spent quite a bit of time checking these sites out. Some of them I had seen before, but a few were true undiscovered gems (at least to me!)

Thanks again and keep up the good work,


2 susan October 1, 2010 at 3:29 pm

Hey Ian, thanks for the message. It’s always fun to read what other fitness experts have to say.

3 Vic Magary April 21, 2010 at 9:39 am

Many thanks for including GymJunkies.com on your list! All of the blogs you listed are awesome. As a side note. . . my current #1 favorite blog is also Mark Sisson’s http://www.marksdailyapple.com. Mark is one of my heroes for sure!

Thanks again,

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