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Bodyweight Circuit Training Workout For Home For Women

by Susan · 3 comments

Elbow PlankBodyweight circuit training workouts are quickly catching on as a fast and effective fat loss workout that can be done at home anytime with little or no equipment.

Let’s face it. As a woman you are the Boss. You run the show. You run your household, work a full time job, have the kids and the husband to take care of, friends to yap with, and other familial obligations. At the end of the day when you flop down exhausted in a chair, the furthest thing from your mind is driving all the way to the gym for a fat loss workout.

The good news is that you can get in fast and effective home workouts in no time at all in about 30 minutes.


What? You don’t have an extra 30 minutes each day to dedicate to achieving your fat loss goals?

What if you stole a few minutes from here and a few minutes from there throughout your day?

Try some of these ideas:

  • get up 15 minutes earlier
  • go to sleep 15 minutes later
  • get off facebook and stop playing those games that waste hours of your time
  • ask your husband to take over one of your chores 3 days each week
  • prepare meals on weekends to free up some time during the evenings

Below is a fast bodyweight training workout for home you can try.

Warm up and stretching 5 minutes

  1. Bodyweight squats 15modified push up
  2. Kneeling push ups 10 —————————————————————>
  3. Split squat 8/side
  4. Stick ups 15
  5. Plank 1 min

Complete each exercise with no rest between each one. At the end of the circuit rest 1 minute and repeat 2x.

Cool down and stretch.

That is a quick bodyweight workout for home you can do whenever you can squeeze it in!

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