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Boost Growth Hormone Production: A Natural Way to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

by Susan · 2 comments

Properly constructed fat loss workouts are one of the most powerful ways to naturally boost growth hormone production.Read on to find out other ways to do so and why it is important.

Growth hormone is one of the most influential anabolic hormones. Produced in the pituitary gland, growth hormone helps burn fat, build muscle and bone, and has a powerful anti-aging effect.

Here are a few ways to naturally boost your growth hormone levels.

1. Get enough sleep.

Growth hormone is released in our bodies in several pulses throughout the course of the day. The biggest pulse occurs about 1 hour after we fall asleep. When we are sleep deprived or experience sleep disturbances that interfere with our quality of sleep, daily growth hormone levels can fall as much as 23%.

2. Restrict consumption of refined carbs and don’t eat anything after 9 pm.

When we eat a meal, especially one high in refined carbs, insulin is secreted into the blood stream and interferes with growth hormone production. Eating after 9pm would therefore interfere with the growth hormone produced 1 hour after we fall asleep.

3. Engage in circuit training workouts consisting of resistance training and interval training.

Growth hormone encourages the body to ignore glucose, the body’s first choice for fuel, and instead utilize fat as an energy source. Unlike long, boring cardio sessions, both resistance and interval training stimulates the production of growth hormone.

Try alternating bodyweight squats with push ups for three sets followed by a handful of 20 second sprint and recovery intervals.

Utilize these tips for boosting growth hormone naturally and you will drastically enhance your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle.

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