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Circuit Training Workouts

by Susan · 3 comments

2AbsCircuit training workouts provide a fast and effective means to lose fat, build lean muscle, and get stronger.

These fat loss workouts can be extremely challenging and can be done at home in very little time. No excuses not to get your exercise in for the day!

Circuit training is a workout method where you perform all of your exercises one after another with no rest in between each one.

Each exercise within the circuit can work a different body part, similar body parts, or a combination of resistance training exercises and cardio intervals.

When completing exercises in this fashion we are able to significantly elevate our heart rate and keep it that way for several minutes at a time before a short recovery period.

Here is an example of a circuit training workout for abs:

Stability ball rollouts 10

Side plank 30 sec/side

Mountain climbers 10   ————————————————————–>

Stability ball jacknives 10

Plank 1 minute

Perform all exercises one right after another with no rest in between each one. Rest 1 minute between each circuit.

There are several ways of utilizing this type of workout.

First, you could see how many times you could get through the circuit in a specific amount of time, i.e. how many times in 20 minutes. Each time you do the workout you could aim to better your score for the same 20 minutes.

Or, you could simply aim to go through the circuit 3 times and try to decrease the amount of time it takes you each time.

If you begin to incorporate circuit training workouts into your exercise program you will begin to see greater fat loss than you ever have before.

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