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Our Code of Awesome


code of awesomeWhat follows below is our Code of Awesome for the Community at Workouts For Home and in Operation Awesomeness.

It’s our community philosophy that guides us each day in our quest for awesomeness in life, fitness, relationships, etc.

If you are reading this Code and like what you see then please stay and join your like minded, Operation Awesome friends.

Who Are We?

We are women that are tirelessly working harder to live better lives and be more awesome.

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The Code That Makes Each of Us, and Our Community, Awesome

1. We are dedicated to being just a little more awesome each and every day. 

2. We eat real food (aka the Paleo Diet), but not more than we need. 

3. We do exercise that we find fun, challenges us, and gives us the greatest benefits in the least amount of time. 

4. We challenge the conventional wisdom. 

5. We love our kids, our family, and friends but realize that to increase our awesomeness we have to take care of ourselves first. 

6. We are dedicated to continued self education in health, nutrition, and fitness as well as other subjects we personally find most awesome. 

7. We are thankful for something every single day. 

8. We are determined to experience as much in life as possible.

9. We never, never, never give up. 

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