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Cutting Back On Carbs, Improving Hip Mobility, & Matthew McConaughey’s Workout

by Susan · 6 comments

Hey, I’m taking a break from my home workouts because it’s time for this week’s top stories. Here’s some of the posts from around the internet that I thought you could benefit from seeing.

In Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson talks about why carbs are bad and how to dial them in for optimal fat loss. If you haven’t done so already, check out Mark’s blog – it’s life altering.

Rusty over at Fitness Black Book hit the nail on the head when he discusses hip mobility and how adding hindu squats to your stretching and exercise regime can bring your pelvis back into alignment, give you great posture, and resolve any chronic injuries you may have from sitting too much.

I was lovin’ it: you have to check out the video in this article. It’s by a group of doctors who are trying to get people to turn away from eating at McDonald’s and trying to make them turn vegetarian. It has a corpse laying in the morgue clutching a burger. Powerful.

Want a rock solid core? Ben Greenfield teaches you how to get rockstar abs in just 6 weeks using nothing but a stability ball.

And finally, who can argue that Mathew McConaughey has a friggin’ rockin’ body? If I looked like that I would be shirtless too! Head on over to Brad Campbell’s blog and check out Matthew McConaughey’s workout used to get his amazing body.

And don’t forget my home workouts posts this week:

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