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Diet Tips and Advice 101


diet tips and advice

Awesome Diet Tips and Advice

Awesome Diet Tips and Advice for Weight Loss

The reason why we need to focus so heavily on diet tips and advice here is because nutrition is the most important component to control in the weight loss game.

Meaning, if you’re here trying to educate yourself on the best way to lose weight then the chances are you’re here because you do not know how to eat correctly. Or, you choose not to eat correctly.

Sound possible?

In reality, the chances are really strong that you know how you need to eat to lose weight but you just don’t want to. Being on a weight loss diet can be no fun at all if you do it the way the media wants you to.

Great diet tips and advice, guys. Low fat, high-carb, no red meat diets are not going to give you a healthy lean body. If they did, don’t you think we’d all be twiggy by now?

These conventional wisdom type diets just don’t result in healthy weight loss and can do some serious damage to your health as well.

Stay Away From Conventional Diets and Foods

That’s one of the most powerful diet tips and advice you will ever hear. It may just save your life.

If it’s “conventional” it means that it was made by a company in a factory and designed to make you want to eat more of it so that this company can make more money.

Conventional foods such as boxed cereals and low fat cookies all have additives which are designed to get you hooked on their products. It’s true! That way, you keep coming back for more and the company gets rich of of you.

But at what cost to your health?

Added chemicals designed to get you hooked on their junk, additives, sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners all have potential health side effects that you don’t even know are happening. I’ll get into more about that in my resources below.

Diet Tips and Advice That I Follow and Recommend

As I said before, nutrition has the most power at affecting your weight. Do it the right way and see results. Here are 28.5 nutrition guidelines to follow:

Nutrition the Most Important Factor For Fat Loss (28.5 Nutrition Diet Tips and Advice to Follow)

Here’s a great place to start for bite sized diet tips and advice. Check out the 3 healthy eating habits you can start doing today to lose weight:

3 Healthy Eating Habits to Help You Burn Fat

There are a lot of fad diet names out there today but you have to learn which ones are valid and which one’s you can actually benefit form yourself. This is a really interesting post regarding the grain free/gluten free movement we have seen as of late:

Diet Plans To Lose Weight

Overeating, in my opinion, is the number one reason why so many people today are overweight. We MUST get in under control to lose weight and decrease our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Stop Overeating

But it is also important to figure out why, exactly, you are eating so much to begin with. Here’s how:

Why Do I Eat SO Much?

The second biggest nutrition issue we have that makes us overweight is the fact that we really don’t know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Here’s how to remedy that:

55 Best Foods For Weight Loss

And speaking of foods you should stay away from, one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is relying on protein bars as low fat, low sugar meal replacements. In fact, most of them are more like candy bars, than healthy meals:

Are Protein Bars Just Glorified Candy Bars?

And speaking of false claims, even water can be bad for you now. Here’s a reminder about the Vitamin Water incident:

Vitamin Water Lawsuit Over False Health Claims

And going even further into bad food choices, check out this post that talks about a few foods you probably eat every single day but they are preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals:

2 Worst Foods For Weight Loss You Don’t Know About

If you listen to everything you hear out in the media regarding diet tips and advice you will also find that there are also false claims coming form many so-called fitness experts as well. This post will set one record straight:

Will Eating Potatoes Make You Fat?

Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat?

Is Whole Wheat Bread Fattening?

Now let’s address my personal favorite diet issue, high fructose corn syrup:

High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Cancer

10 Foods Containing High Fructose Corn Syrup (It’s EVERYWHERE)

So what are some of the changes you need to start making to increase your health and lose weight? Here’s a post I did from a nutrition challenge series I did a while back and I think it is still a great place to start and stick with every single day. Add this to your diet:

Nutrition Challenge – Green Smoothies

Here are some examples of foods that you should have on hand and ready to snack on in a jiffy:

13 Healthy Snack Ideas For Weight Loss

Here’s 3 foods/food groups you should be adding to your grocery list and eating all the time:

Fat Burning Foods To Add To Your Diet

Take this list of foods with you to the grocery store next time you go:

Best Grocery List For Weight Loss

So what do you do when you know there is a holiday coming up? Suffer and restrict yourself of all the good stuff? Say the hell with it and over indulge? Here’s what I think:

7 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays

Losing weight and being healthy does not have to be tough. It all boils down to these 7 words in this post:

Simple Nutrition For Health and Fat Loss

If you’re not a Paleo carnivore like I am, that’s ok. You can read all about a healthy plant based diet here:

Understanding the Plant Based Nutrition of the Thrive Diet

Here’s a few things you can do now to start losing weight today:

How to Reduce Obesity and Decrease Weight

If you need help trying to figure out what AND how much of it should be on your plate at meal time here’s an easy guide:

Healthy Meal Plans For Weight Loss

And just in case you haven’t had enough diet tips and advice yet:

More Nutrition Tips For Fat Loss Success

Having trouble cutting out sugar from your diet? Yup, join the club. Here’s how to stop sugar cravings:

Stop Sugar Cravings

And there’s much more diet tips and advice I have for you, but to get your hands on that material you have to enter your email address in the box below….

To learn more diet tips and advice and other awesome weight loss ideas, and to receive a free copy of my Fat Burning Blueprint, please leave your email address below.


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