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Easy At Home Workouts For Fast Fat Burning


Why Easy At Home Workouts?

1. Cheap: There is no need to pay for an expensive gym membership or bulky home gym equipment.

2. Saves time: No commute to and from the gym or time wasted while waiting at the crowded gym to access equipment.

3. Convenient: Since you will be working out at home, you pick when the best time is. Burn fat while the kids are napping, when you wake up in the morning, or when your husband is tucking the kids in to bed. Work out for as little as 10 minutes or as many as 30-45 minutes depending on your schedule!

How To Lose Weight Fast At Home

To lose weight you need to do the following:

1. Eat whole, natural foods – Avoid all foods that are processed and packaged in a box, can, bag, or wrapper. These are all unnatural foods that will cause you to gain weight. Concentrate on the following food groups: vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean protein, heathy fats.

2. Eat less – the bottom line is that if you are overweight you are eating too much. Most of us don’t realize just how little food your body actually needs. If you need to consume 1,800 per day to lose weight, do you know what 1,800 calories looks like?

3. Metabolic resistance training – Hands down, the most effective way to burn fat. Metabolic resistance training is the best of both resistance training and of high intensity interval training all rolled up in to one nice little package. Think of it as cardio with weights, where you engage in a resistance training routine, whether it be bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells, and complete each exercise with a very high intensity with little or no rest in between each one. The level of intensity that is needed for this type of activity results in a major after burn post workout. The after burn is a period of time post exercise where your metabolism remains elevated. The higher the intensity of the activity, the greater the after burn you will experience. The greater the after burn the more fat you will lose. Think of it this way: not only will you be burning fat during the workout, you will also be setting the stage to burn fat for hours after the workout.

4. High intensity interval training – we need to work at a higher intensity, doing short burst cardio, to get the fat burning hormones raging within us and to stimulate an “after-burn” (continuing to burn fat post exercise) that can last 24-48 hours even after you stop exercising. HIIT consists of an active phase followed by a recovery phase and is repeated for 10-20 minutes. Best interval duration for HIIT is 8 sec on and 12 sec off, 16 seconds on and 24 sec off, 15 sec on and 15 sec off, 30 sec on and 30 sec off, 45 sec on and 45 sec off, 60 sec on 60 sec off.

5. Moderate intensity, moderate duration cardio – it is important to be constantly active, or as much as possible. This type of cardio is what you are doing when you play with the kids, run errands, walk the dog, go for a bike ride, walk with your friends around the neighborhood, swim in the pool, etc. They aren’t fat loss activities per say, but they will help keep you healthy, burn a few extra calories, and help your body become more efficient at mobilizing fat and using it as fuel.

    What Comprises The Best Home Workouts?

    The best easy at home workouts consist of metabolic resistance training and high intensity interval training, along with moderate intensity, moderate duration cardio sprinkled in throughout the week.

    A Home Workouts Example:

    Strength training:

    Tri-set #1: Complete this circuit with no rest in between exercises. After the circuit is complete rest 1 minute and repeat 2x. Then move on to the Dynamic finisher.

    DB squats 10
    Push ups 8
    SB leg curl 12

    Dynamic finisher:

    Plank – 45 sec

    Tri-Set #2: Complete this circuit with no rest in between exercises. After the circuit is complete rest 1 minute and repeat 2x. Then move on to the Dynamic finisher.

    DB 1 arm rows -10/side
    SB roll out – 8
    DB overhead press 8

    Dynamic Finisher:

    Side plank – 20 sec/ side


    Warm up 3 minutes (perceived intensity level 3/10)
    Workout 10 minutes (perceived intensity level 7/10)

    • burpees 24 seconds
    • rest 36 seconds
    • repeat 10 times

    Cool down 3 minutes (perceived intensity level 3/10)

    What Do I need For Easy At Home Workouts?

    In fact, I thought I would start with a quick list of everything you DON’T need to participate in fat burning home workouts.

    1. An expensive gym membership
    2. Time to commute to and from the gym
    3. Gas in your car to commute to and from the gym
    4. An hour at the gym fighting for machines during busy times and watching the boys check themselves out in the mirror
    5. Crappy music on too loudly in the background
    6. Annoying people around you – most of whom stink.
    7. Scheduled time to commute and workout at the gym

    OK, you get the picture. And you are well aware that, because your life is so freakin’ busy and money is so tight these days that gym workouts are not your best use of your time or your money.

    So, back to my original point of this article, what do you need for good home workouts?

    Answer: nothing.

    OK, you might need a few things, but compared to the list above it feels like nothing. So, here they are.

    1. Space – no biggie, right? My favorite places for good home workouts is in front of the TV while I’m catching up on the day’s shows I recorded, in my home office when I am on a webinar or watching a video online, and out in the neighborhood or local park where I can run sprints, stairs, and hills. And the amount of space you need is really limited to the size of your wingspan.

    2. 10 minutes – Yup, I said 10 minutes. The good thing about good home workouts is that you no longer need an hour to work out. There is no wasted time when working out at home so you can squeeze in a good workout whenever you can sneak one – when the kids are napping, before the family wakes up in the morning, after the kids go to sleep, when your significant other is bathing the kids, at your lunch break, etc. Sometimes, it can be just as beneficial to steal a few 10 minute intervals throughout the day where you can workout then try to manage your day to find 30-45 minutes to do home workouts all at once. The good news is that if you have some stroke of luck and your kids head off to a birthday party for 2 hours, you can also customize good home workouts to take more time and be a little more difficult.

    3. Home equipment – or not! – This is my favorite part of working out at home. You actually do not need half the pointless machines that are in the gym. You really don’t need the cardio equipment they have. You really don’t need the machines that work one muscle at a time, and you really don’t need the personal trainers who work in those commercial gyms telling you that you do need them. In fact, you don’t actually need any home equipment for good home workouts. It’s called using your own bodyweight instead of weighted equipment. There are a gazillion different bodyweight exercises that can make up good home workouts. In fact, I talk a lot about them. If you would like to increase the challenge and variety of your home workouts then I recommend trying the following props: foam roller, stability ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump rope, chin up bar. There are others you could get too but those are just a few to start and ones I use to workout at home as well.

    4. A Good Home Workouts Program – preferably designed by a fitness professional or perhaps even a home workouts expert! Please don’t go it alone based on what you read in the news, see on tv, or read in fitness magazines. Those sources rarely base their programs on scientific reaserch and techniques that work. They generally base their programs based on what can make them the most money. Ooops, did I say that out loud? If you would like the best home workouts program you can get then try my program, Ultimate Home Workouts, designed by me, a fitness professional and home workouts expert. Click here to learn more.

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