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In my compilation of cutting-edge fast weight loss tips in the Fat Burning Blueprint, I provide you with dozens and dozens of ways for you to transform your body.

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Other Fast Weight Loss Tips….

Fast Weight Loss Tips #1: Walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. Get a pedometer.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #2: Record everything you eat on a daily basis.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #3: Do strength training exercises 3 x/ week.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #4: Do high intensity interval training 2x/week.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #5: Grab a workout buddy and hold each other accountable.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #6: Check in with your Dr. b4 starting a workout/diet program.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #7: If you really want to lose weight you MUST ditch grains.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #8: If you really want to lose weight you MUST ditch sugar.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #9: If you really want to lose weight you MUST ditch alcohol.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #10: Include healthy fats in your daily diet.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #11: Include plenty of avocados in your diet. Eat 1 every day.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #12: Include plenty of unprocessed coconut in your daily diet.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #13: Include plenty of grapefruit in your daily diet.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #14: Include plenty of tomatoes in your diet each day.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #15: Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #16: Do a 24 hour fast (just water with lemon) once each week.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #17: Work out w/ your friends, it makes the time pass faster.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #18: Join an adult league of your favorite sport.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #19: Listen to music during slower moving activities.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #20: Set a clear weight loss goal for yourself.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #21: Make a detailed action plan to lose weight.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #22: Take MASSIVE action towards achieving your goals.

Fast Weight Loss Tips # 23: If you sit behind a desk all day 4 work take walk breaks.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #24: If you sit behind a desk all day get a standing desk.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #25: If your dog is fat YOU’RE not getting enough exercise.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #26: Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #27: Get a Personal Trainer to help you lose weight.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #28: Sitting is killing you….

Fast Weight Loss Tips #29: Adequate sleep is imperative for weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #30: Try intermittent fasting for quicker weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #31: Get a pedometer to help track your daily activity.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #32: If it isn’t in your house you won’t eat it.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #33: Get 10 mins of sunlight each day for Vitamin D.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #34: Mom was right, eat your greens.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #35: Take an Omega 3 supplement with krill oil.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #36: Decrease your body’s inflammation.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #37: There are two times a day best to eat carbs.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #38: Eating nuts only as a condiment.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #39: “Play” and have fun as much as you can.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #40: Eat meat, dairy, and eggs from pastured animals.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #41: Increase the amount of adenopectin in your diet.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #42: Consume more magnesium in your diet.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #43: Do metabolic resistance training 2-3x/wk.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #44: Eat more cruciferous vegetables.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #45: Eat onions and garlic – they contain good sulfur.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #46: Eat carbs only after intense exercise.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #47: Portion control – just eat a little less then normal.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #48: If you are eating as much as your husband at each meal, STOP.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #49: Stop doing endless hours of boring cardio.

Fast Weight Loss Tips # 50: Nutrition is #1 when it comes to weight loss.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #51: Don’t rely on crunches for a flat stomach.

Fast Weight Loss Tips #51: Be prepared – for any situation.

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