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Fat Loss Secrets Revealed

by Susan · 14 comments

Today’s podcast is 14 minutes of gold.

I go in depth and give you the top 7 fat loss secrets that most people don’t know.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the download button below:



And for those of you who just want a brief list of my fat loss secrets I will list them for you here.

Fat Loss Secret #1:

Start incorporating high intensity interval training into your home workouts.

Fat Loss Secret #2:

Stop doing crunches to flatten your stomach and start doing functional total body ab exercises such as the plank and mountain climber.

Fat Loss Secret #3:

Eat plenty of fruit as part of your whole, natural diet, they don’t make you fat.

Fat Loss Secret #4:

Enlist friends and family as social support or even join an online support group.

Fat Loss Secret #5:

Avoid high fructose corn syrup and all foods (i.e. soda) that contain them.

Fat Loss Secret #6:

You’ve been lied to: saturated fat is actually good for you.

Fat Loss Secret # 7:

Avoid all trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.

For the hows and they whys of the Fat Loss Secrets check out the podcast above.

Employ these Fat Loss Secrets and you will be well on your way to living a life without the battle of the buldge!

Your Coach,

Susan Campbell,MS, CSCS
Author, Ultimate Home Workouts

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