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Fat Loss Strategies – Top 8 Strategies You Must Do to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals PART I

by Susan · 3 comments

There are many easy ways to help facilitate fat loss. The more of the following tips you do the more likely you are to reach your weight loss goals.

1. Get Control Over Your Diet: Your diet accounts for 75% of the current state of your physique. You cannot possibly exercise enough to overcome a crappy diet, so you need to pull it together. Here is what you need to do:

a. Make good food choices: Choose whole, natural foods to provide you with the energy and nutrients your body needs to function optimally. These include nuts and seeds, fruit and berries, all veggies (especially the green ones), avocados, 100% whole grains, lean chicken and turkey, and wild salmon. Absolutely NO: fast food, refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, foods high in saturated fat, foods that come in a box, can or have a shelf life of 2018, processed food, soda, fruit juices, or alcohol.

b. Portion control: Eat less than you do now and eat only until you are 80% full.

c. Eat at the right times: To kick-start your engines eat your first meal immediately upon waking, eat a meal or snack every 4 hours to keep insulin levels regulated, and do not eat after 9 pm.

2. Exercise – But do not waste your time doing the wrong kinds! Long, slow, continuous, aerobic exercise at an easy pace may help keep you healthy but it will not lead to major fat loss. So skip the 45 minute walk on the treadmill at the gym while you gab with your friend and trade it in for one of these more efficient fat burning modes of exercise:

a. Strength training circuits: Perform 5-10 multi-jointed moves (i.e. squat and push up) using body weight, stability balls, and/or dumbbells. When completed in a circuit with no rest in between each move a pretty mean cardio workout will result.

b. High intensity interval training: Alternate 30 second-2 minute high intensity cardio intervals with 10-30 seconds of rest. This can be done using running on a treadmill or outside, elliptical, rowing machine, or bike and will have a major fat burning affect.

3. Get Enough Sleep: Get at least 7 hours. Also, try your best to wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday. Getting fewer than 7 hours of sleep each night can disrupt the levels of the hormones, leptin and grehlin, which can cause you to want to eat more.

Stay tuned for Part II!

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