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Fat Loss Workout For Women

by Susan · 2 comments

images-3Here is a fat loss workout for women that can be done at home or in the gym, that will be sure to burn body fat, get you strong, and give you a flat tummy.

But first, as you know, I personally enjoy going to the gym to exercise. I often go swim or do intervals on the track with friends. But lately, since I sit in front of my computer for 14 hours each day, I have started going late morning to help break up my day and get me out of this chair.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a women, I would guess about 50 years old, working out in the free weight area. This isn’t all that unusual these days as more women are becoming savvy to the best exercises to burn fat and are staying off the machines.

However, not only was she doing a few exercises with weights, she was actually doing some pretty intense exercises! I have never seen a 50 year old woman do clean and presses with dumbbells! And I loved it!

Finally, women are starting to understand that a superior fat loss workout consists of serious resistance workouts and interval training. Slowly but surely!

Here is an intermediate level workout you can try at home whenever you can take a break from your busy day. And if you have the time to head to the gym, or enjoy it like I do, then you can certainly do this workout there as well.

Remember to complete all exercises in each set with little to no rest in between each one.

Warm up and stretch 5 minutes

Set #1: Strength Circuit Do each exercise for 30 seconds

Vertical Jumpsmodified push up

Push ups ————————————————————>

1 leg deadlifts

Rest 2 minutes and repeat 1x

Set #2: Total Body Conditioning Do each exercise for 30 seconds

Y squats

Close grip push ups

Reverse lunges

1 arm rows

Cross body mountain climbers ——————————————————->

Rest 2 minutes repeat 1 x

Set 3: Cardio Intervals Do each exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, move to next exercise

Jumping jacks

Mountain climbers

Running in place

Squat thrusts ———————————————–>

Rest 2 minutes repeat 1x

Set 4: Abs Circuit

Plank: hold 1 minute

Side plank with rotation: 10/side

Ab mountain climbers: 10/side

Rest 1 minute repeat 1x.

Cool down and stretch

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