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HIIT and Shuttle Sprints – Best Home Workouts For Fat Loss

by Susan · 10 comments

One of the best HIIT fat loss workouts you can do anywhere, at home, at the gym, or my personal favorite, the local park, are shuttle sprints.

Shuttle sprints are a highly efficient fat burning exercise that melts body fat like crazy.

High intensity training, such as that being done when performing shuttle sprints, causes an increase in production and release of several fat burning substances in your body such as growth hormone, adrenaline, testosterone (for the men), and lactic acid.

There are dozens and dozens of high intensity interval training HIIT or even metabolic resistance training workouts that can be used to stimulate these substances to do their fat burning thang.

However, it is my personal opinion through my experiences and research that shuttle sprints are one of the best fat burning exercises you can do.

Traditionally, shuttle sprints are performed using a distance of 40 yards.

Place two markers 40 yards apart and place 1 in the middle at the 20 yard mark. Start in the middle and sprint to the 40 yard marker, turn around and sprint to the 0 yard marker, turn around and sprint back to the starting point at the 20.

However, in light of the research I stumbled upon regarding Best Cardio Interval Duration For Fat Loss During HIgh Intensity Interval Training, I have toyed with modifying the shuttle run method above and adjusted it to work with the 8 seconds on 12 seconds off HIIT protocol.

Try cutting the field down to about 10 yards total so that each leg of the run is now 5 yards.

Ideally, you want a distance that will allow you to sprint for about 8 seconds while still finishing the shuttle sprint course to rest for 12 seconds.If you have to shorten or lengthen the distance to get work within the 8 seconds then go ahead and do so.

Admittedly, shuttle runs are not going to be for everybody, they require a maximal effort. But beginners can also take advantage of shuttle running by simply using a sub maximal effort they are comfortable with and practicing until they are able to sprint them.

Whatever HIIT activity you choose to do, if fat loss is one of your fitness goals just make sure you are incorporating some kind of high intensity interval training routine into your fat loss workouts.

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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