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Home Exercise Equipment 101


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Awesome Home Exercise Equipment

There are a lot of different home exercise equipment available today.

But how do you know what you should or shouldn’t waste your money on?

After all, you could have the most amazing home gym with absolutely home exercise equipment at all.

Or you could really invest in equipment and gadgets that will help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

As long as you are moving and taking action towards these goals, I’m not convinced you really need ANY fitness gear in your home gyms.

However, there are a few that I do recommend, IF you really want to ramp your results up.

What Makes Me the Home Exercise Equipment Expert?

Well, I certainly wouldn’t walk around claiming to know it all like some so-called fitness experts do.

But I will say that I have spent a very large amount of time playing with different gadgets and home exercise equipment and I know what works and what doesn’t.

Now, just like with any diet or workout routines, you must do a little self experimentation to find out what will work for you, and more importantly, what you will work for.

You see, it isn’t just enough that other people have seen results using a particular fitness gadget, you have to be mentally willing to use it yourself and actually do so if you will ever meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

Which Home Exercise Equipment I Recommend

Here is a post I did to let you know which home exercise equipment I recommend you use at home when working out. It’s a fairly comprehensive list:

Best Equipment For Home Gym Workouts

This little gadget is totally inexpensive and will help you ROCK your strength training and interval training workouts. I personally is this at least 5 times each week. You can read about how I use it and get a free workout in this blog post:

Gymboss GB2010 Black Softcoat Interval Timer Review

This next home exercise equipment is a wee bit more expensive then the first one buy still absolutely affordable. And worth every freakin’ penny. I personally use the Fitbit EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of every day. And the funny part is, if you saw me you wouldn’t even know I had it on me. Check it:

Fitbit Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker Review

And there’s more we need to talk about regarding home exercise equipment, but to get your hands on that material you have to enter your email address in the box below….

To learn more about the home exercise equipment I recommend and other awesome weight loss ideas, and to receive a free copy of my Fat Burning Blueprint, please leave your email address below.


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