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Metabolic Home Workouts & Paleo Nutrition for the Ultimate Body Redesign


home workoutULTIMATE Home Workout and Diet Boost Programs from Susan Campbell

I love doing home workouts for so many reasons, but mostly because I can do them anytime I have 10+ more minutes to spend with my at home workouts.

Here I want to provide you with the top reasons why you should love doing home workouts as well as provide you with a free sample home workout from my popular Ultimate Home Workouts program.

Because everyone likes a free sample, right?

Right, but I’m giving this home workout away free because I want you to have a head start.

Home Workouts & Why You Should Love Them

There are so many reasons why I love working out at home and here I am going to convince you why you should too.

1. No wasted time driving to the gym.

2. No wasted time waiting for exercise equipment at the gym.

3. No exercising on the nasty sweat left by the big, hairy guy on the exercise equipment at the gym.

4. You won’t have to watch all the guys casually walk by the mirrors at the gym and check themselves out (actually, I sort of enjoy this).

5. You won’t be part of an over crowded group exercise or bootcamp class. They’re tough but they can be too intense for many people.

6. You won’t waste gas driving to the gym.

7. You don’t need to spend money on exercise equipment when doing home workouts, but there are some awesome tools you can use to make your workouts more challenging, such as a stability ball and set of dumbbells.

8. The exercise equipment you do buy can be easily stored away without taking up room and being obnoxious or becoming your new clothes drying rack.

9. You can do a quick workout in as little as 10 minutes if that’s all you have time for.

10. If you have more time (because you don’t have to drive anywhere) you also have enough exercises you can do to make your home workouts 30-60 minutes.

11. No wasted money on a gym membership or expensive, trendy group exercise or bootcamp class.

12. And while I don’t think anyone should feel self-conscious about themselves while working out, many people do. When you workout at home, you have will have all the privacy that you need!

13. You can do home workouts that will give you total well rounded fitness results, including strength training, cardio workouts, interval training, metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning workouts, and bodyweight workouts.

14. You WILL Lose Weight.

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That’s a pretty compelling list, don’t you think?

But Wait….

WorkoutsForHome.com doesn’t just provide you with amazing home workouts, but I also provide you with ALL of the tools you need to lose weight at home.

From nutrition, to various types of exercise methods, to motivation and preparation, I give you the complete fat burning blueprint you need to reach your weight loss goals – right from home!

The important thing to realize is you can’t just focus on one component of weight loss and expect amazing or even lasting results. You have to work the entire system, your diet, your workouts, etc, if you are going to lose your unwanted weight.

Once I teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to lose weight and why, I will give you the opportunity to put what you know into ACTION….

Not only do I offer you my personal tools for losing weight, such as Ultimate Home Workouts and Ultimate Diet Boost Blueprint, but I also test and review some of the best home exercise equipment, gadgets, programs, and supplements that you also could benefit from.

WorkoutsForHome.com is truly the “home” of the ULTIMATE ways to lose weight at home through proper nutrition AND home workouts.

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Sample Ultimate Home Workout

This particular one of my home workouts is specifically for beginners, so if you are brand new to working out or maybe haven’t worked out in awhile then this is a great home workout to start with – right in the privacy of your own home.

All you need is a stability ball for this one of my particular home workouts.

*Be sure to do a proper warm up prior to this workout.

Circuit 1:

Prisoner squats 10

Push ups or kneeling push ups 8

Elbow plank 30 seconds

*Complete each exercise within the circuit with no rest in between. At the end of the circuit rest 1 minute and repeat 1x in week 1 and 2x in weeks 2-4.

Circuit 2:

Split squat 8/side

SB W rows 10

Superman 20 sec

*Complete each exercise within the circuit with no rest in between. At the end of the circuit rest 1 minute and repeat 1x in week 1 and 2x in weeks 2-4.

Circuit 3:

SB leg curls 10

Elbow side plank 20 sec/side

*Complete each exercise within the circuit with no rest in between. At the end of the circuit rest 1 minute and repeat 1x in week 1 and 2x in weeks 2-4.

Circuit 4:

Jumping jacks 8 sec, 12 sec rest

Running in place 8 sec, 12 sec rest

Jumping jacks 8 sec, 12 sec rest

Running in place 8 sec, 12 sec rest

*Complete each exercise within the circuit with 12 sec rest in between. Work up to 10 min.

Start Using My Home Workout and Diet Boost Programs Now

Now that you have a sample routine from my Ultimate Home Workouts program and I’ve convinced you that working out at home is far superior to heading to the gym or group exercise class, start using this sample workout 1-2 times this week.

Once you practice and get good into the routine of doing a regular home workout, consider learning more about my Ultimate Home Workouts, and Ultimate Diet Boost programs.

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