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More Examples of Media Effecting your Fat Loss Success

by Susan · 10 comments

Yesterday I posted a blog about The Media, Fast Food, & How They Effect Your Fat Loss Efforts.

Well, today I was only feeling mildly better than I have the past few days, still fighting this horrendous stomach bug for the third full day, so I spent the first half of the day being lazy and resting in front of the boob tube.

I saw a few more things that drove me nuts. More commercials designed to make you believe that their product will melt fat off your body or is the quick fat loss fix you are after.

This totally ticks me off, because most people do not know any better and they buy into the lies.

The TRUTH is there is only one way to lose fat effectively: a sound diet and a proper workout program.

There is simply no gimmick, pill, or gadget that is going to make it easier for you.

So, stop looking for a non-existent quick way out and start doing the right things. Perhaps you might see some positive results that way?

Forgive me for my short temper today, this topic always gets me fired up but not feeling well for so long isn’t helping.

Here are a few more things I noticed on TV today that you should be aware of:

1. The Kelloggs Diet – apparently, Kelloggs claims that if you eat primarily their cereal, food bars, and drink their protein water you will lose fat.

Huh, funny, I bet if you do their wallets will surely get big and fat – just like you if you eat cereal all day long.

And you can’t possibly get all the nutrients your body needs without eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Don’t buy into it.

2. Alli – Alli claims that if you take their pills some of the fat in your diet will be “blocked” from being absorbed and you will instantly start losing weight.

How about if you just don’t eat foods that need their fat blocked? And not all fats are bad, will Alli block all of those fats too?

Just make the changes to your diet yourself instead of exposing your body to a chemical, one that you don’t even know the long term effects of.

3. Full Bar – this one is a little newer to me. The company claims that if you eat one of their bars before dinner you will eat less at dinner.

Duh, you can eat a candy bar before dinner too and chances are you won’t be that hungry when your dinner is served. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to spoil your dinner?

And perhaps the candy bar is an extreme example, but couldn’t eating an apple before dinner accomplish the same thing?

The bottom line is that you don’t need to buy into any fad diets or buy nasty pills to lose weight.

The theory of losing weight is simple. Eat less, move more.

Stop looking for a short cut, eat less and move more, and I guarantee you will see the fat loss results you desire sooner.

Be careful about what you buy into on TV.

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

Author, Ultimate Home Workouts

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