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New Diet Tip For Weight Loss

by Susan · 2 comments

We all know that for fat loss we have to create a caloric deficit, or for weight maintenance, a balance. Calories in has to equal calories out.

Or does it?

Not according to a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition where the researchers found that, regardless of the amount of calories one consumes, if they eat meat they are going to weight more then someone who eats the same number of calories but no meat.

103,455 men and 270,348 women ages 25-70 years of age from 10 European countries participated in this study.

For 8 years they responded to questionnaires regarding height, weight, and food consumption.

It was determined that when calories consumed were the exact same, those from the meat eating group weighed more.

Researches concluded from the study that total meat consumption was positively associated with weight gain in both men and women and that it isn’t just about calories when it comes to weight loss.

Reference: Am J Clin Nut 92: 398-407, 2010.

Perhaps it is the high energy and fat content found in meat that is the cause for the higher weight in meat eaters vs non-meat eaters.

So, in my opinion, this study suggests that we not only have to pay attention to the calories we consume but also the amount of fat we ingest.

Sounds logical, but we obviously aren’t doing it.

So what can we do to decrease the amount of fat in our diets? If we can figure that out and adhere to it, we may just lose those last few pounds.

Ways to decrease the amount of fat in your diet:

  1. Avoid or eliminate consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs.
  2. Focus on a plant based diet.
  3. Avoid fried foods.
  4. Avoid salad dressings, as these always have high oil and sugar content.
  5. Avoid packaged products such as chips and crackers.
  6. Avoid baked goods.
  7. Avoid foods with trans fats (anything in a box or bag).
  8. Avoid excessive oil use.

Try cutting back on all of these fatty food items and then work towards completely eliminating them all together.

At the very least you should start treating meat and these other foods as you do with desserts = something to be enjoyed in small quantities every so often.

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Your friend and caoch,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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