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Overcoming Diet and Fat Loss Workout Obstacles While Traveling

by Susan · 4 comments

How do you maintain a healthy eating plan and stay active while on the road?

I will be heading out of town this week for a few days for work. I generally do not mind the travel but it does tend to seriously affect my workout schedule and normal meal plan.

As with any work related trip, free time will be minimal and you eat what they put in front of you. Since I will be working a trade show on one day and participating in a golf outing the next, I know I will be exposed to hotel breakfasts, pizza and hot dogs during the days, and perhaps a decent dinner with drinks in the evening.

All enough to undo the hard work I have done so far in the week.

I have devised a plan to try to control some of what I eat and to sneak in a morning workout right in my hotel room.

Here is what I have come up with:

Food: I will be taking a cooler with me and hitting the grocery store right before I head out. I will fill it with fruit, avocado, maybe a few veggies, hummus, some nuts and string cheese. I will also bring a few Nalgene bottles of water from home that I run through my ionizer. This way, I will always have something in reach when I need a snack and I won’t have to resort to hitting the drive-thru or overdosing on pizza.

Fat Loss Workouts: Here is the circuit training workout I plan to do right in my hotel room, no equipment needed.

These are also great bodyweight training exercises for fast workouts for home.

Jumping Jacks 30

Push ups 10

Jumping Jacks 30

Split Squat 10/leg

Jumping Jacks 30

Mountain climbers 10/side

Jumping Jacks 30

Reverse Lunges 10/leg

Rest 1 minute then repeat the entire circuit 2-3 x or for at least 20 minutes.

Notice there are no crunches, no cardio in this workout.

So next time you hit the road, use this diet and fat loss workout to control the damage that can be done while you are away from your normal routine.

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1 Jim June 13, 2009 at 5:27 am

Sounds like a pretty good plan. I'm impressed.

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