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Prograde Metabolism Review


Prograde Metabolism

Prograde Metabolism Has the Science To Back Up Weight Loss Claims

Prograde Metabolism is not only one of Prograde Nutrition’s biggest successes within their vast portfolio, it is also one of the best diet supplements on the market to date.

Why? Prograde Metabolism is different. The company that manufactures it is different. The ingredients are different.

I know it sounds cliche, but give me a few minutes to explain why they are so different and why I switched all of the diet pills I use to Prograde.

Prograde Nutrition’s History

Prograde was started by a couple of cool dudes named Jim and Ryan. Recognizing that the diet pills market was full of thieves only looking to make a buck, Jim and Ryan set out to provide their customers with safe and effective products, specifically for people who were looking to improve their health and/or lose weight without being mislead by the product manufacturer.

Jim and Ryan wanted to provide people with a product that would not compromise the health of their customer, but rather greatly enhance it.

At this point Prograde Metabolism was just a glimmer in their eye.

They wanted to provide customers with a product that contained the appropriate amount of the active ingredient for effectiveness,  instead of misleading customers into thinking it has more than it actually did.

They wanted to provide people with ingredients that were cutting edge and scientifically proven to do what they said it did, not just jump on the bandwagon of whatever miracle product was hot in the media at the time.

They wanted to provide their customers with world class customer service.

They wanted to create a brand of products that were safe and highly effective around a company that their customers had no question but to trust.

And they wanted to market to customers who put quality of and trust in a product and company first instead of looking for the cheapest deal available.

So that’s what they did.

And their first order of business was to hire a Registered Dietitian named Jayson Hunter. In my opinion, Jayson Hunter is the blood, sweat, and tears of Prograde.

Jayson is best known for the vast amount of time that he dedicates to researching products.

From what ingredients are most effective to how much of it is best to what population it works best in, Jayson hasn’t skipped a beat.

Jayson and the reasons I just listed above, are the biggest reasons why I use Prograde Metabolism and switched all of my diet pills to Prograde.

My Prograde Metabolism Review

Prograde Metabolism has the proven ability to:

  • Liberate and burn fat to accelerate weight loss.
  • Increase your metabolic rate.
  • Activate key receptors so that your appetite is better controlled.
  • Reduce fat accumulation.
  • Promote more focused concentration and increased sense of calm.
  • Provide a boost in energy and vitality.
  • Help promote healthy blood sugar and cardiovascular health.

That doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

To make the case even further that Prograde is a company that keeps up to date and uses scientific research as the basis of their products, Prograde has just updated the Metabolism product to add ingredients most recently shown to have the best effects on weight loss.

Here are the current ingredients found in the new and improved Prograde Metabolism:

Since the update, here are a few exciting, new ingredients in Prograde Metabolismthat I wanted to highlight:

1. Capsimax

Capsimax is the encapsulated form of capsaicinoid compunds, which are bioactive substanced extracted from a red pepper, the most common being capsaicin.

Capsaicin healps promote weight loss by splitting fat cells and burning them up.

Capsimax is designed to not release until it hits your small intestine, which tolerates the concentrated heat of the casaicin. This is unlike most other capsaicin products that are digested in your stomach.

Your stomach actually can’t handle the heat from the amount of capsaicin that is necessary for weight loss. Therefore, other manufacturers of capsaicin products put in much less – not nearly the effective dose for weight loss.

Capsimax also promotes the release of hormones epinehrine and norepinephrine, both of which, in and of themselves, can help promote weight loss.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Capsimax helps control your appetite as well.

Yeah! I quadrouple hit on fat when you consume Capsimax!

2. Raspberry Ketone (Raz K)

Nope, it’s not a fruit, but it is a compound from the raspberry that helps promote weight loss.

Just like Capsimax, Ras K also splits fat and burns it up. The cool thing is it works extra well in the presence of epinehrine and norepinephrine, ironically the two hormones that are produced as a result of taking Capsimax, as explained above.

Awesome, right?

Raz K also promotes the release of hormone-sensitive lipase, an enzyme that is also known to burn up fat.

So, a double hit on your fat when you consume Raspberry Ketone in Prograde Metabolism!

3. Advantra Z

Advantra Z, or bitter orange, burns more fat for weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate. It accomplished this through stimulation of the beta-3 receptor on fat cells.

It is also known to suppress appetite and preserve lean muscle mass.

4. The “Others”

There are a few other cool ingredients in Prograde Metabolism that will help you lose weight but I only briefly wanted to mention them here:

Bioprene - derived from black pepper to support weight loss and boost energy.

L-Thianine - to promote mental calmness and contentment.

B-Vitamins - to boost energy, improve mood, and promote weight loss.

Chromium - promotes healthy carbohydrate metabolism.

Caffeine Anhydrous - to decrease appetite and enhance physical performance.

Note: during this latest update Prograde appears to have removed cinnamon and green tea from its ingredients list in exchange for a few others that did its job more efficiently. I’m sad to see cinnamon go but I have to trust the decision they made to make the switch to ingredients that have been shown to be more effective then cinnamon as of late.

Who is Prograde Metabolism For?

Prograde Metabolism is for anyone who wants to lose weight, have more energy, improve their health, and get the body they have always wanted.

It is also for those who want to take safe, effective, and high quality diet pills from a quality company they can trust that only uses ingredients whose safety and effectiveness is backed by sound scientific research.

Who is Prograde Metabolism NOT For?

Prograde Metabolism should not be taken by anyone looking for the easy way out. If you’re here because you’re still looking for a magic pill to make you lose weight effortlessly then you are on the wrong site and Prograde Metabolism is NOT for you.

Losing weight takes effort, there’s no getting around that. You must control your diet and exercise. You have to work hard.

Metabolism will greatly support your diet and exercise efforts and reward you for your dedication to your weight loss goals.

Metabolism is also NOT for anyone looking to save a buck on diet pills, because you get what you pay for and if you go with a cheap product you will be getting cheap results.

Potential Cons

The only real thing I see that could be a potential issue with some people is that it only comes in one bottle size. So, at first glance, no real way to buy in bulk and save.

However, Prograde does offer a multiple bottle discount as well as a sweet autodelivery program so I think most people will be ok with the one size (see below).

Ordering Process

Prograde Metabolism comes in one bottle size of 120 capsules. That is 60 servings per container to last 30 days if you take the recommended dose of 2 capsules per serving, twice per day.

Online Ordering options include:

  • 1 bottle – no discount
  • 3 bottles – save $14.90
  • 6 bottles – save $89.75
  • 1 bottle Smart Ship (autodelivery) – save $15

If you use Smart Ship when ordering Prograde Metabolism you will receive automatically a new bottle every month. You will also receive a $15  discount off every bottle.

You will also never pay shipping.

You will never run out of the product.

No contracts, and you can postpone or cancel at any time.

*Normal shipping time is usually 5-7 business days. Each time I order it is always a full 7 days. Another reason I went to Smart Ship.

Ingredients in Prograde Metabolism Will…

  • Help you lose unwanted pounds.
  • Rev up your metabolism.
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system and blood sugar metabolism.
  • Improve your mood.
  • Make your workouts easier.
  • Increase your endurance.
  • Help you control dangerous belly fat.
  • Promote overall health.
  • Help give you the body of your dreams.

Next Steps

I hope that you found this Prograde Metabolism reviews helpful and you are considering adding it to your diet plan for weight loss.

If you are interested in trying Prograde Metabolism you can do so now by visiting Prograde’s website by clicking here.



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