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Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program

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**Update: Only A Few Spots Left! What Are You Waiting For?**

Transform Your Body In Time For Summer!

March is one of my favorite months! No, not because my birthday is in March. Because I can finally tell the days are getting longer, the sun is closer and warmer than it has been since fall, and I finally feel like I am coming out of a long winter slumber.

Oh, and yes, my birthday is in March!

And for my birthday this year, I am going to be offering YOU the gifts!

I will be opening up my new Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program right around mid month.

Want a sneak peak? OK!

Let me ask you to close your eyes for a second and picture yourself with your most perfect body…the one you have always dreamed of. Got it?

With this program I personally work with you, one on one, step by step….literally hold your hand and guide you on your weight loss/fitness journey.

I know losing weight is hard. Sometimes just the thought of the effort you have to put in to it makes you want to crawl in bed and pull the covers up over your head.

Sound at all familiar?

But how would you feel if you had an exercise program designed specifically for you based on your goals, your likes and dislikes, and your current fitness level?

And what if you had a personalized nutrition program based on your height, weight, and activity level? And you knew exactly how many calories you should eat each day, how many of them should be protein, carbs, and fats?

And what if you had a grocery list and a menu planned out for you?

And how much weight could you lose if you had the support of a mentor, someone who has been in your shoes and has the education and exerience to motivate you all the way to the finish line? What if you had all the motivation and support you needed?

AND what if your progress was constantly monitored and adjustments made so that you could succeed in the shortest amount of time possible?

How much weight could you lose?

With my new Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program I am going to offer you an amazing opportunity to transform your body into the one you have always pictured for yourself.

And I am going to do so at a fraction of the price it will cost as little as 4 weeks from now.

Here is what you will receive while being part of the Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program:

1. An initial assessment and goal evaluation

2. A complete monthly exercise program based on the specific results of your assessment and personal goals.

3. A complete monthly nutrition program based on the specific results of your assessment and personal goals.

4. A personal recommendation of suggested nutrition supplements specific to your health and fitness goals.

5. A mid month evaluation to determine if any changes to your program needs to be made to guide you towards your goals even faster!

6. Complete access to me, your mentor and coach, to offer support, motivation, accountability, and advice.

7. Unannounced bonuses

Now if you were to work one on one with me, normally it would cost you $65/hour and I suggest working togather 3 times per week. That’s 12 sessions per month for a monthly total of $780.

So, with all the support you are going to get from me you might think that I am going to charge you $780 for this program as well.


In fact, I want to make this offer so great that you won’t think twice about being a part of it.

The normal price for the Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching program will be $157 / month.

And today, for the first 5 people who are accepted into the program, you will get the introductory price of $97/ month!

Download Application Here

** I ask that you commit to the program for at least 3 months to insure optimal results.

You will be charged $97 initially and then $97 two additional times, each 30 days apart for a total of 3, $97 charges.

Once your application is approved you will click the “Add to Cart” button on the bottom of this page to submit your first $97 payment. You will then have immediate access to download your Client Assessment Form.

** I am truly making this program EXCLUSIVE and only taking5 of the most motivated and driven people who are determined to meet their fat loss goals. This way I can give them all of my attention!

Why am I offering such a great deal?

Because I need testimonials! Success stories! It’s that simple.

I need to make you an offer you can’t refuse so that I can get some success stories in the bag right away. And believe me, there will be success stories! Lots of them!

If you are one of these people, someone who is ready to transform their body, willing to work hard, willing to succeed then please download this application below and return it back to me at susan@physiologix.net asap.

Download Application Here

Remember, I am only taking 5 people. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

To Your Success!

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

Author, Ultimate Home Workouts

P.S. No money is exchanged until after you have applied and been accepted into the program.

P.P.S. 60 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee: if you aren’t happy (which you will be) with your results after giving this program your best shot then I will be happy to refund 100% of your money. I’m that good.

Download Application Here

PhysioLogix Fitness and Nutrition, LLC PO Box 519 Ballston Spa, NY 12020
518-885-2993 * info@physiologix.net

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