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Stair Exercises – A Superior Fat Loss Workout

by Susan · 5 comments

Hey! I hope you are having an awesome day!

Yesterday at my Boot Camp my campers and I did stair exercises for 35 minutes followed by a killer ab sequence.

I have been talking to you for awhile now about high intensity interval training and why they are key to burn fat. Here is a quick reminder:

1. You burn more calories during high intensity interval training than you do with long, slow distance cardio.

2. You burn more calories for hours after you even stop with high intensity interval training. With long, slow distance cardio, the calorie burning stops when you do.

3. High intensity cardio intervals trigger growth hormone release. Growth hormone is key for fat burning and gaining muscle.

Check out this clip to see one of the exercises I recommend when doing a fat loss workout on the stairs.

Double leg squat hops were just one of the ways we utilized the stairs at Boot Camp last night.

Interested in giving stairs a shot? Here are some beginner’s tips for a great workout:

1. Find a flight that is safe and free from clutter. This could be in your house or outside at a park or ball field at a local school.

2. Start by walking up the set of stairs 2-3 times to warm up and then take some time to stretch well.

3. You should walk down in a very controlled manor to be safe. Rest for about 30 sec-1 min between each flight.

3. Repeat by jogging up another 2-3 times

4. Next, run up the stairs using good form another 2-3 times.

5. If you have any gusto left in you at this point, try doing a few of the double leg squat hops in the video above.

Practice this stair exercise circuit and stay tuned for more fat loss workouts you can do on the stairs.

Get out there and get strong!

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1 How To Build Muscle October 1, 2010 at 11:31 am

I have bookmarked your site and visit all the time, keep up the good work!

2 Amy October 28, 2009 at 12:24 pm

This workout was GREAT! It was fast paced, motivating and fun. I loved it and the benefits are great. I wasn’t looking forward to running up and down stairs but it turned out that I really enjoyed doing it. Thanks Sue!

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