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Rebecca LaVallee

Rebecca “Training with Susan has been amazing! I initially started doing her workouts 4 mos ago in preparation for my 20yr high school reunion. I wanted to lose a few lbs and tone up in order to look and feel good for this big event. The results exceeded my expectations. I have gained muscle and definition that I have not seen in years. I feel better, healthier and my clothes fit again.¬† I tried on a pair of jeans that had been put away for about 5yrs -after my wedding-and they fit!! I have lost about 7lbs, does¬† not sound like a lot, but I have built muscle now that is continuing to work for me even when I am not working out. I love the fact that the exercises can all be done at home on my own and without any expense for special machines or equipment. The reunion has come and gone (I felt great as I walked in in my little balck dress!!) But what I have learned through Susan’s training program will last a lifetime…thanks Sue!!”

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