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Thank You For Being Part Of The Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program


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Just a reminder that your credit card or bank statement will show a $97 charge by ClickBank or Clikbank.com and not from WorkoutsForHome.com or PhysioLogix Fitness and Nutrition.

Since this is a 3 month program, you will also receive 2 additional $97 charges, one 30 days from now and another 60 days from now.

If you experience any difficulties downloading the files below please email me at susan@physiologix.net.

Client Assessment


To begin participation in the Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program you will need to fill out the Client Assessment Form.

Please download the Client Assessment Form below by clicking on the following link and saving it to your computer.

Client Assessment Form Download

Please fill out the Client Assessment Form, save it to your computer, and return it via email to susan@physiologix.net.

Unannounced Bonus!!

Nutrition Guidelines

As a special gift to you for joining the Exclusive Fat Loss Program I would like to offer you the WorkoutsForHome.com Nutrition Guide so you can get a jump start on improving your eating habits while I develop your personal exercise and nutrition plan based on your Client Assessment.

You can download and save to your computer by clicking the link below:

Nutrition Guide

Let’s Get To Work!

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