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The Diet Solution Program – Day 1: What To Do First For Fast Fat Loss

by Susan · 12 comments

The diet solution fat loss weight lossAs I mentioned in a prior post, I will be following Isabel Del Los Rios’s The Diet Solution Program for the next 4 weeks.

When I received the download page after purchase I was impressed to see that the program came with 9 components:

  1. The Main Manual
  2. The Quickstart Manual
  3. A 14 Day Guide to a Sexy New Body in 2010
  4. A Metabolic Typing Quiz
  5. Success Journal
  6. Top 10 Mistakes Keeping You Fat
  7. Food Shopping Guide
  8. Recipes
  9. Done For You Meal Plans

It takes a little time to go through each one, especially the Main Manual, which you should read carefully and thoroughly for your best chances at fat loss success.

But so far, the step by step nature of the program has been very easy.


  1. I weighed myself immediately upon waking and using the bathroom.
  2. I also took the following circumferences using a tape measure: arm, chest, waist, hips, thigh.
  3. I even took a picture of myself so that I had a good way to view my progress.

What I have done so far today as I get further and further into Day 1 of the program:

  • Read the Quick-Start Guide – Briefly describes the best foods for you to choose and contains quick, jump start meal plans that you can easily follow to get the needle on the scale moving in the right direction.

I also learned how much water I should be drinking each day for optimal fat loss.

  • Took the Metabolic Tying Quiz – this is a list of 25 very specific questions that will help you determine which metabolic type you are. You use the findings from this quiz to choose which meal plan will work best for fat loss on someone with your metabolism type.

I now know which metabolic type I am and can make food choices more wisely.

  • Read part 1 from the Main Manual and determine the # of calories you need to eat each day based on your current weight and your activity level.

I now know how many calories I need to eat each day to lose weight and to maintain weight.

  • Shopping List/Food Shopping Guide – there is a brief section on this in the Quick-Start Guide and a more comprehensive version. This guide tells you what basic foods you should be consuming and where you can find them.

Based on this list and which metabolic type I am I made a list of all the foods I need to buy at the store today so I can be sure I am prepared with everything I need for the rest of Day 1 and onward. I will not buy anything at the store that was not on my shopping list.

Based on what I have determined to be my metabolic type and the number of calories I should be eating each day for successful fat loss, here is what Day 1 breakfast looked like. I mixed together:

  • 8 oz plain Greek yogurt (from a local farm – YUM!)
  • 1 serving gogi berries
  • 1 small banana

I was totally satisfied with this breakfast. It is pretty close to what I eat normally anyway.

My biggest challenge so far was portion sizes.

Just like all of you, I got used to eating portions of food that were probably larger than I needed them to be. I would guess we would all lose weight if all we did was simply cut our portions down.

I’m also working very hard to make sure I drink enough water.

I swear, I spend most of my life walking around dehydrated. It’s like I don’t even have a thirst button or anything. I go from being fine to having a headache and feeling lethargic.

No thirsty feeling at all.

So, I now know how much water I need each day and have my bpa free water bottle with me right now!

OK, that’s it for today. If you would like to do The Diet Solution Program right along with me using done for you meal plans, food shopping guide, success journal, you can grab your copy by CLICKING HERE.

I’m off to do my fat loss workout of the day.

Talk to you on Day 2!

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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