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The Diet Solution Program – Day 12-13: Is Butter a Good Fat or Bad Fat?

by Susan · 15 comments

Back again with my review of Isabel Del Los Rios’s The Diet Solution Program.

Just finished up days 12-13, if you’ve missed the first 11 days of my journey on The Diet Solution Program you can catch up by clicking here —> The Diet Solution.

Today I have another blog post from Isabel written especially for the Ultimate Home Workouts readers.

One of the biggest commonalities to all my my clients is that they all use I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter spray.

My opinion is that it isn’t even real food – it’s a chemical designed to taste like butter with no calories.

But in the end, you are just consuming a bunch of toxic chemicals and additives and that you are better off just eating real butter.

Isabel agrees with me and that’s why butter is allowed on The Diet Solution Program.

Here’s what Isabel had to say……


People are often shocked when they see how much butter I use and eat in one day.

But I know the real truth; Butter is a good fat and can actually help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, people thinking butter is unhealthy is a very common misconception.

People still think that butter and saturated fats are the reason heart disease is one of the top killers in this country (and now in many other countries as well).

The truth is that it’s not the natural fats that are causing this epidemic, its the sugar, processed and packaged foods and overconsumption of refined oils that are causing so much disease (and you can add Diabetes, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure to this list as well).

I go into this topic in much greater detail in the Fats Chapter of The Diet Solution Program but here are a few nuggets of info to ponder:

1. Did you know that during the 60 year period from 1910-1970, the proportion of traditional animal fat in the American diet declined from 83% to 62%?

2. During this same time butter consumption plummeted from 18 pounds per person each year to 4 pounds per person each year.

3. During the past 80 years, the consumption of dietary cholesterol intake has increased only one percent.

So where is the problem? Why all the heart disease?

1. During the same period, the average intake of dietary vegetable oils (margarine, shortening, and refined oils) increased by about 400%.

2. During the same period, the consumption of sugar and processed foods increased by about 60%

Those are the facts, but there’s never better proof than the results I see with my clients and my readers.

When people finally stop eating margarine, refined oils, “fake” butters, sugar and processed foods, their health sky rockets! (and by sky rockets I mean, gets better, greatly improves, elevates to whole new levels).

Not to mention all the body fat they lose off their body (now isn’t that just an awful side effect?)

It’s important to mention that the butter I use is organic and grass fed.

It has this beautiful deep yellow color and is not white like most conventional butters.

It has gone through minimal processing and has no added growth hormones and antibiotics.

I get all my butter from www.grasslandmeats.com

Now that I told you butter is ok to eat, here is a delicious chicken recipe you can enjoy:

(Please remember that the mad scientist in me sometimes forgets to document the exact amounts so you may need to play around with this a bit.)

Chicken with “I’m not afraid of butter” dressing:


2 large chicken breasts (approximately 1 lb of chicken)
6 Tbsp of melted butter
lemon juice from 1/2 large lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste


Melt 1 tbsp of butter in a large pan. Season chicken breasts with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Cook chicken breasts in butter covered on very low heat. Do not let the butter get brown.

Pour lemon juice in a separate bowl. Slowly stir in the remaining melted butter as you stir mixture.

Then slowly add the olive oil as you stir mixture. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Once the chicken is cooked through, served on a plate and pour the “dressing mixture” over your cooked chicken breasts.

Don’t be surprised if you are tempted to pour this dressing on your veggies and just about every other food item you can think of. It’s delicious!


Thanks, Isabel. Hopefully people will trash the other refines, toxic, fake “butter” and switch over to something they can enjoy and not feel guilty about.

Real butter from grass fed animals actually can make you lose weight and increase your health! Get excited!

If you would like to join me on my journey on The Diet Solution Program you can grab your copy by clicking here —> The Diet Solution Program.

Talk to you at my next update!

Your Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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