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The Diet Solution Program – Day 15-16: Who Can Lose Weight On This Program?

by Susan · 12 comments

I’m back today with my review from days 15 and 16 on Isabel Del Los Rios’s The Diet Solution Program.

If you haven’t read about days 1 – 14 you can catch up by clicking here —> The Diet Solution Program Review

So, as of yesterday I am down 3. 4 lbs in the 2 weeks that I have been eating according to my metabolic type and keeping my portions in check.

Not too shabby if you ask me.

And the best part is, The Diet Solution Program is not a get thin quick program. Meaning, you’re not going to drop a ton of weight quickly and then put it all back on when you go back to your old crappy ways of eating.

This is a lifestyle program. You have to make changes for life if you are going to keep the extra weight off for life.

Today I have more from my interview with Isabel Del Los Rios…….


Susan Campbell: Why did you decide to write The Diet Solution Program when there is more than enough nutrition info out there?

Isabel Del Los Rios: I decided to write the Diet Solution for that exact reason.

People are being bombarded with nutrition information and either one of two things is happening: They are either being grossly misinformed with information that is the complete opposite of what is the truth or they are so overwhelmed with all of the good information and they just don’t know where to start.

What I did with The Diet Solution Program was take all of the BEST information out on the market today and compiled it in an easy to understand, easy to read and easy to implement program.

Basically, took the best of the best and saved my readers hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars in research and trial and error.

Susan Campbell: What is your advice for someone just starting The Diet Solution Program? Can anyone do this?

Isabel Del Los Rios: Absolutely anyone can follow and succeed on The Diet Solution Program.

My mother started following the program at 63 years old after a kidney transplant. In 6 months, she lost 40 lbs and has never been healthier or felt better in her life.

Not only has she lost a significant amount of weight, but she has greatly reduced the number of medications she was previously taking. If she can do it, anyone can do it!

I would start by incorporating one principle at a time. People get very overwhelmed and think they need to completely overhaul their life all at once, but this is not true.

My own nutrition changes took almost 3 years. Now you may incorporate these principles sooner than I did, but remember that getting to your health goals at a pace that is do-able for you is much better than not doing anything at all.

Susan Campbell: How does “meal planning” fit into the weight loss equation?

Isabel Del Los Rios: Meal planning is extremely important especially when you first change your current eating habits.

If you find out that you feel best on a meal plan that contains protein in each meal, you must plan accordingly.

This often intimidates people and makes them feel like “it is too much work”. But the whole thing really does become second nature.

You finally know what you need each day to feel good and lose weight and you just naturally gravitate towards those foods.

To make it a much simpler process in the beginning stages, I provide several days worth of detailed meal plans in my book, so my readers and my clients know exactly where to begin, without having to do the exact meal planning themselves.

Susan Campbell: Why are artificial sweeteners so bad if they supposedly have “zero calories”?

Isabel Del Los Rios: Zero sugar foods are actually much worse than sugar containing foods. Artificial sweeteners (like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin) are poison to our bodies.

Whenever the body reads an ingested food as a potential danger, your liver comes to the rescue to help ward off any danger these foreign substances may cause.

People who eat and drink “diet” foods and “diet drinks all day, are overwhelming and taxing their livers. Your liver is crucial in the weight loss/fat burning process. So if your liver is taxed and not working at optimum, it becomes near impossible to lose any weight.

This is why I give my readers many alternatives to sugar free foods and sugar containing foods. There are natural alternatives that are ideal replacements for any of these diet foods, without the potential harm to the liver.

Susan Campbell: What exactly is Metabolic Typing and why is it so important for each of us to know our metabolic type?

Isabel Del Los Rios: Metabolic typing is actually a very old science-based way to determine which foods respond best to your body.

The best way to describe this method is: the foods that an Eskimo would eat are clearly different than the foods a native Hawaiian would eat.

Why? Because their natural ancestors and their environment dictate how their bodies will process and digest food. So an Eskimo will need a meal plan higher in healthy fats to keep warm and a Hawaiian will need a meal plan higher in veggies and fruits to stay cool.

Now, it is often not this simple. Each and every person’s metabolism responds very differently to all food and can vary greatly from person to person.

For example, I feel my best and stay at my ideal weight when I eat higher fat proteins along with lots of vegetables where as many of my clients do better with higher amounts of natural carbohydrates and lower fat proteins. My book provides a detailed, easy to answer test to determine your own personal metabolic type and then tells you exactly which foods are the best fit for you.

Susan Campbell: After reading The Diet Solution I discovered that I am a serious ‘Protein Type’ – what the main thing I should do to increase my energy?

Isabel Del Los Rios: The main thing is not to be afraid of eating healthy fat and healthy proteins.

Everyone thinks chicken breasts and egg whites is the only way to lose weight but, especially for a protein type, that is not the case.

Actually a protein type may gain weight by only eating low fat proteins and a low fat meal plan. Someone like you needs whole eggs, dark meat poultry, beef, and healthy fats.


Thanks to Isabel for the awesome interview!

If you would like to join my on my journey on The Diet Solution Program you can grab your copy by clicking here —> The Diet Solution Program.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another update from The Diet Solution Program.

Your Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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