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The Media, Fast Food, & How They Effect Your Fat Loss Efforts

by Susan · 5 comments

Unfortunately, I caught the dreaded stomach bug that has been going around.

This was absolutely the worst stomach bug I can remember having in years. For the last two full days and nights I have been forced to do nothing except lay in bed.

This did give me the great opportunity to catch up on my TV watching! I laid there for 48 straight hours watching TV!

This is a pretty odd statement in that I rarely just sit and watch tv, let alone 48 straight hours worth.

But I have to say that this experience has certainly led me to some interesting findings, the major discovery being that there are SO many food commercials on TV trying to get us to buy their products, and the commercials can be quite convincing and tempting.

Here are a few of my insights from what I saw:

1. In the fast food wars, the dollar menu is where the competition is at right now. From Burger King to McDonald’s to Taco Hell they are all into the fight.

All day long their commercials play, catering to all demographics.

BTW, both Burger King and McDonald’s have a double cheeseburger on their dollar menu but Burger King REALLY wants you to know that that their double cheeseburger is significantly larger than McDonal’ds double cheeseburger.

*Note: I know that none of you who follow my posts regularly would EVER order food from Burger King, McDonald’s or Taco Bell, no matter how cost effective it is because you know it makes you sick and fat.

2. Taco Bell has something called a Drive Thru Diet. They actually have the nerve to tout their menu as food that will make you lose weight. Gimmie a friggin’ break!

Taco Bell must have absolutely zero confidence in the American public if they think we are going to fall for that!

Well, the truth is, they will. Because most people will try anything to lose weight without having to get up off their ass.

*Note: I know that my clients would NEVER fall for that!

3. Megan Mullally (aka Karen from Will & Grace) was on The View this morning. Now I generally wouldn’t have watched a show like that but I was dilerious, what can I say. Anyway, she mention how she was doing those I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercials and said that she is a big believer in the product and has been using it at home for a long time because she truly believes it is better for you than butter.

Megan, I love you, love your acting. But you have been misinformed. A synthetic blend of chemicals spread on our food is not better for you than pure butter made only of cream.

Sorry, for the short post, but I’m going back to bed. Just wanted to get this info out to you while it was fresh in my mind.

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

Author, Ultimate Home Workouts

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