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Top 6 Health and Fitness Gifts That Should be on Your Holiday Wish List This Year

by Susan · 12 comments

Happy Holidays! The items on the following list should be on your holiday wish list this year and/or on your list to give to others you care about.

6. Grass fed beef: If you are going to eat animal protein you should be buying meat from animals that were raised without hormones or antibiotics and were grass fed. Our local supermarkets still kind of suck when it comes to offering these healthy options. Some organic grocery stores do carry a few options. However, I found a great website that has a ton of healthy meats, from beef to pork, to chicken and turkey, and they pack it all up on ice and send it to you overnight and I believe shipping is free.

You can check out their website: Grassland Beef

5. Kettlebell: One of my two most favorite home fitness tools, the kettlebell can help you burn fat like few other things can. Perfect for home Kettlebell burn fatworkouts, correcting muscular imbalances, and helping you get flat abs, kettlebells can now be found at every major sporting goods stores and department stores such as Target.

Beginners should start with 10-15 pounds for women and 18-35 pounds for men.

4. Stability ball: A great tool for helping build strength, endurance, and stabilization in your core. I use the stability ball at least 3 x per week in my workouts and the best part is, they are extremely inexpensive.

3. Nutrition Supplements: I don’t believe in excessive supplementation or pills that claim to burn fat, absorb fat, block carbs or do some sort of miracle. I do, however, believe that with the quality of the food in America today and the low amounts of healthy foods we eat each day, our diets could use some nutritional supplementation. I encourage adding additional fruits, vegetables, and essential fats to the diet for everyone.

EFA IconYou can find quality supplements at Prograde Nutrition.

2. Local Farm Co-Op: Local, organic produce should be your first attempt when buying fruits and veggies. Many local farms now have home delivery programs where you pay a monthly or seasonal fee and they deliver a big batch of goodies to you on a weekly basis.

1. A Good Fat Loss Workout Program: OK, I have been preaching to you now for awhile about how you must incorporate resistance training and short burst cardio into your workout programs. A good done for you program is a must. Preferentially one that you can do at home, anytime, with little no no equipment with no crunches and no cardio. Naturally, I recommend my own program. :-)

More news on that coming to your inbox soon. Please stay tuned.

So make sure to get yourself, your friends, and your family all stocked up with things that are going to better your health and increase your fitness level in 2010.

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