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Top Fat Loss Blog Posts of 2009

by Susan · 13 comments

With 2009 quickly coming to an end and many people gearing up to start their New Year’s resolutions in a few days, I thought I would do a quick post to highlight a few of the best posts from this past year.

How I made my decision on which posts to choose was by looking at how each post was responded to by the readers as well as how relevant the post was to losing fat and weight loss.

After all, that is what 99% of New Year’s resolutions are all about, weight loss, right?

So, here they are, the top 5 blog posts of 2009:

5. Interval Training and Short Burst Cardio for Fat Loss at Home – We need to work at a higher intensity, doing short burst cardio, to get the fat burning hormones raging within us and to stimulate an “after-burn” (continuing to burn fat post exercise) that can last 24-48 hours even after you stop exercising…..

4. Metabolic Resistance Training and Fat Loss – Metabolic resistance training is, hands down, the most effective way to burn fat. It is the best of both resistance training and of high intensity interval training all rolled up in to one nice little package. Think of it as cardio with weights…….

3. Nutrition Guidelines for Successful Fat Loss – What we consume and how much of it is the #1 factor contributing to how much fat we have. No amount of exercise can make up for a crappy diet. Below are nutrition guidelines that you should follow to insure you are eating plenty of the right things and very little of the bad things that will sabotage your weight loss efforts….

2. The Importance of Preparation When Trying to Lose Weight – Research shows that those people who plan out their meals and cook ahead of time are more likely to stick to their healthy menu and not buy anything extra while at the grocery store that may sabotage their fat loss efforts….

And the #1 blog post of 2009 is……!

1. Fat Loss Through Goal Setting and MASSIVE Action – Goal setting is the blueprint to achieving your biggest dreams. It provides us with direction and purpose. It allows us to focus our attention on a very clear end result and commit to a plan of action. Having goals can keep us motivated and allow us to experience personal growth…..

So for successful weight loss in 2010, set your goals, develop an action plan, clean up your diet, and incorporate metabolic resistance training and interval training into your workouts regime.

Oh! As luck would have it, my new fat loss system, Ultimate Home Workouts, can help you do all 5 of these things! Wow, that’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it? (wink, wink)

To Your Success in 2010!

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

Author, Ultimate Home Workouts

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