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Turbulence Training – Day 11: Decrease Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs Using High Intensity Interval Training

by Susan · 10 comments

It’s day 11 for me on Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training fat loss workouts.

Turbulence Training workout Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks truly are the Ultimate Home Workouts!

Today is a 30 minute light activity day so I will be taking the bike out in a little while to log some road miles. I love the bike, especially on a beautiful day like today, here in upstate NY.

If you have missed my reviews of the first 10 days on Turbulence Training you can read all about it by clicking here —> Turbulence Training.

Today I am lucky enough to bring you a quick interview I did with Craig Ballantyne.

I won’t waste anymore time and just get right into it…..


Susan Campbell: Hi Craig. Thanks for joining us. Introduce yourself: who are you, and what your home workouts are all about.

Craig Ballantyne: I’m a Men’s Health magazine fitness advisor, creator of the home fitness workouts called Turbulence Training, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

I’ve been helping men and women lose fat in short workouts, using interval training and resistance training – exactly the opposite approach of what most generic trainers recommend.

Susan Campbell: You recommend a mix of high intensity interval training and full body workouts for fat loss and overall fitness. What makes this type of training superior to others?

Craig Ballantyne: Aside from it being research proven to burn more belly fat, and to help people gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, a program of resistance training and high intensity interval training helps busy men and women get in and out of the gym faster than ever.

In fact, you don’t even have to train at a gym. If you have dumbells and a bench, you can do the Turbulence Training home workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, you’re done in only 45 minutes, 3 times per week.

Susan Campbell: Can you give us an example of a workout based on your approach?

Craig Ballantyne: The Turbulence Training workouts always start with a general bodyweight warm- up, which is much better than wasting your time on the treadmill to start.

Then we move to non-competing strength training supersets for about 20 minutes. This helps build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Finally, we finish off with 15-20 minutes of high intensity interval training, and then stretch as needed at the end of the workout.

The Ultimate Home Workouts readers can get a sample of one of my most popular Turbulence Training home workouts by clicking here.

Susan Campbell: One of the goals of this blog is to help people decrease belly fat and/or get six pack abs. In one of your YouTube videos, you quickly mention that high intensity interval training is especially good at reducing belly fat. Is high intensity interval training really better than continuous cardio in that regard?

Craig Ballantyne: A study I first came across in the fall of 2006 compared 20 minutes of high intensity interval training against 40 minutes of slow cardio training. This was a 15
week study, and the subjects were all women.

At the end of the study, only the high intensity interval training group lost belly fat. In fact, the slow cardio group reported no weight loss at all.

Surprising, but true. The authors concluded that high intensity interval training can actually spot reduce belly fat. Just another reason intervals are superior for busy men and women.

Susan Campbell: Would you advise people who want six pack abs or a flat belly to do more interval training than others?

Craig Ballantyne: No matter what the goal, I recommend 4 high intensity interval training workouts per week maximum.

High intensity interval training is efficient, and you can get a lot of results from not a lot of work. I don’t want people to do too much high intensity interval training, because that could lead to overuse injuries, which is one of the biggest problems with slow boring cardio.

Susan Campbell: While we’re at it, how would you adapt the typical Turbulance Training workout for someone who’s into abdominal training?

Craig Ballantyne: I wouldn’t adapt it at all.

If someone insists on spending their time doing extra abdominal work, they can do so after the strength training supersets or after high intensity interval training.

Susan Campbell: Thanks for your insights, Craig. Any closing comments?

Craig Ballantyne: I know readers are skeptical, but I also know that they will be pleasantly surprised by the results they can get in a short amount of time.

I challenge them to give Turbulence Training a shot…and free up time in their lives while getting more fat burning results.


If you would like to take Craig’s Turbulence Training challenge and join me on my Turbulence Training journey you can grab your copy by CLICKING HERE.

I will be back tomorrow with my report on day 12 of the Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks Workout from Turbulence Training where I will be back again on Workout C.

Until then, work hard!

Your Personal Trainer,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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