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Turbulence Training – Day 26-28: What To Do When You Have No Time To Exercise

by Susan · 9 comments

Hey, this is Susan back with my final update of the month doing Craig Ballantyne’s fat loss workouts, Turbulence Training.

As you know, for the last month I have been doing the Turbulence Training workout Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks. But if you’ve missed any of my updates you can catch yourself up by clicking here —> Turbulence Training Review.

Day 26 was a tricky day for a workout. I worked with Scott (he owns his own construction company) on a job that needed to be finished that day. I painted and stained and polyed from 8 am until after 5 pm.

The good news was that the day went pretty fast and was actually kind of a nice change for me.

The bad news was that I had somewhere I needed to be at 7pm and I never got home to shower until 6 pm. So, it made it impossible for me to do a 40 minute Turbulence Training workout.

But I was not going to let the day go by without doing something to further my goals. So, what did I do?

I set my timer for 5 minutes and I did as many burpees as I could in that time, taking breaks as I needed to. As you may recall, burpees are one of my favorite bodyweight exercises since you move your entire body along 2 planes and you can make them as easy or as difficult as you need to.

If you want to know, I was able to do 74 burpees in 5 minutes. How many can you do? I know you can beat me!

Anyway, by doing this really intense bodyweight workout/high intensity interval training (since it was bodyweight cardio and I had to take frequent breaks) circuit, I was able to get a really effective workout in that got all the fat burning hormones flowing and gave me a ton of energy after working a long, physical day.

The other option I had was to simply move the workout from Day 26 to day 27 but I knew I was traveling over an hour for a party for Scott’s niece and I doubted that it would get done.

So, Days 27 and 28 were recovery days. I did a little light activity on day 27, tossed a nerf football around with Scott and some of the family. Was a lot of fun!

“Playing” is actually a great way to get some activity in when your program calls for it. Why do the same old boring stuff?

Day 28 was almost totally sedentary, except for a dog walk. Buddy is getting better on the leash finally. He is probably so sick of me yelling my commands to him. But if I don’t you can believe that I would be dragged along the ground on my stomach by an 80 pound furball. Which, btw, almost happened when he saw the bunny run away.

So, the moral of the story is if you think you don’t have time to exercise, you are always wrong.

You can squeeze in a short, fast, and highly effective home workout any time, any where. No excuses!

Oh, that concludes my 4 weeks on Turbulence Training program Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks. This was a great fat loss workout program, and the 4 weeks went by in a snap.

Tomorrow I will be choosing a new Turbulence Training fat loss workout to embark on for the next 4 weeks. Stay tuned to see what I pick!

If you would like to join me on my Turbulence Training journey you can do so by clicking here —>Turbulence Training

Until next time, get off your butt and do something! No excuses!

Your Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

P.S. You can get the entire Turbulence Training package, including bonuses, by clicking here —> Turbulence Training.

You can get just the Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks fat loss workout by clicking here —> Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks.

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