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Turbulence Training – Day 30-31: Preparing For Advanced Workouts

by Susan · 8 comments

Hey, I’m back with my updates from my journey on Craig Ballantyne’s fat loss workouts, Turbulence Training.

If you have missed any of my previous updates and want to get caught up you can do so by clicking here —> Turbulence Training Review

I am reporting on days 2 and 3 of my new Turbulence Training workout, Big 6 Fat Burning Circuits.

Day 2 was a light activity day so I did a boxing routine on my rebounder. Don’t laugh! The rebounder saved me when I injured my legs so badly from running that I could barely walk! Now it comes in handy when it is pouring rain outside like it was on day 2.

As I mentioned in my last update, the Big 6 used to be the Big 5, but now Craig has updated the circuits by adding jumps.

Because jumps provide a more advanced workout, Craig has included both a beginner’s workout and an advanced workout in the Big 6 Fat Burning Circuits.

I decided to start with the beginner’s circuits but only do them for 1 week, just to get used to doing some lighter and less strenuous jumping exercises.

I figured I was in way too good of shape to need to do a beginner’s workout for 4 weeks. In fact, before I did beginner’s workout B today I actually considered skipping it and moving to the advanced workouts.

I’m glad I didn’t!

Workout B was actually a nice little challenge! Totally doable but I was a little tired tonight so it allowed me to get a good workout in vs giving a sub maximal effort in the advanced workout.

Anyway, I continue to support the fact that we should adequately prepare our bodies for increasingly strenuous work so as to prevent injuries and other set backs.

Check out Craig demonstrating the Beginners workout B:

Beginner’s Workout B included:

  • Seal jumps
  • Total Body Extensions
  • Close grip push ups
  • DB 1 arm rows
  • 1 leg laying hip extensions
  • SB rollout

After the workout I went right into high intensity interval training workout B that looked like this:

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 60 seconds at intensity level of 8/10
  • 60 seconds at intensity level of 3/10
  • 6 intervals
  • 5 minute cool down

Because it is freezing outside today in upstate NY (I actually heard reports of flurries) I didn’t venture outside for the intervals tonight.

What I did do was alternate burpees and kettlebell swings for the exercising component.

THAT, was a workout!

So, that’ll do it for me tonight.

Until my next update, try a new exercise to get you excited about moving!

Your Friend and Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

P.S. If you would like to join me on my Turbulence Training journey you can do so by clicking here —> Turbulence Training.

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