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Turbulence Training – Day 6-7: Recovery Days For Muscle Rebuilding

by Susan · 3 comments

Hey, this is Susan here to report on day 6-7 of my journey on Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training.

I’m back after a beautiful holiday weekend with absolute great weather and fun with the family.

I got to spend the entire weekend with my awesome nephew, Luke, who is just the most fun 12 year old you will ever meet.

I also got to take a few recovery days from the Turbulence Training workout Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks.

I am loving this program, but it was nice to give tired muscles a rest.

I wasn’t completely sedentary though, I took advantage of the nice weather here in upstate NY to do some spring clean up out in the yeard.

My bushes grow like weeds and I have to be very diligent (which I rarely am) at keeping them cut back.

Luckily, my family was around and helped me out a lot.

I didn’t over exert myself since it was a recovery weekend. But the activity felt good and kept my muscles loose.

Why is recovery time so important when it comes to building muscle?

Because we have to give the muscles time to repair themselves after the increased workload from the workouts.

During a workout or exercise, the muscles are broken down under the stress of the load.

As a result of the breakdown, the muscle responds by repairing itself and growing in an attempt to accommodate the same workload.

No time to recover = a muscle that never grows or repairs itself.

And if you are a woman reading this, please don’t be concerned about growing big muscles. You simply do not have the hormone (testosterone) necessary for major muscle hypertrophy.

But it is still important that you grow muscle since it is wildly metabolic can having the lean tissue is the only real way to boost your metabolism.

So, I am back on Workout A from Turbulence Training today.

I will fill you in later on how it went and if I was able to out perform my results from last week.

I can’t wait!

And if you can’t wait either and you would like to join me on this Turbulence Training review, please grab your copy by CLICKING HERE.

Wish me luck!

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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