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Turkish Get Ups With Kettlebells

by Susan · 11 comments

Workout at home, fat burning workouts, home workouts, fat loss workouts, home fitness exercise, home workout programThe other day I was looking for a quick home workout that I could do.

But I was feeling a little bored with my workouts (I have wicked cabin fever) so I was looking for something I could do that was a little different.

I have been doing bodyweight exercises and HIIT workouts at home for a while now now but for some reason, to motivate myself to do a workout on this particular day, I needed something exciting and something that would utilize all the muscles in my entire body.

And then it hit me!

The turkish get up with the kettlebell! Kettlebell burn fat

Here’s how you do this full body exercise:

Lay on the floor facing up. Your left leg should be out straight and your right leg should be bent with your foot flat on the floor. Your left arm should be straight out to the side and your right arm should be extended directly over head.

Brace your core and sit up holding your right arm in the air. Pop your hips off the floor and swing your left leg under your body until you are kneeling on it. Remove your left hand from the ground and straighten your torso. Use your right leg to stand up.

Repeat this process backwards to lay back down. Reverse lunge with your left leg so you are kneeling on it. Place your left hand on the floor next to you. Swing your left leg out from under you and straighten out in front of you. Drop your hips and roll back down to starting position.

Here’s a video from my friend, Chris Lopez (KettlebellWorkouts.com), demonstrating how to do the turkish get up.

If you are a beginner and just trying the turkish get up for the first time, then I strongly suggest learning the exercise before you do them with the kettlebell.

Only add the weight when you have mastered the move.


Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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1 Cindy March 8, 2010 at 4:02 pm

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Because they give military discounts, I’ve been able to send kettlebells to my son deployed in Iraq. No one else would send kettlebells to APO addresses so I just had to let people know about a great company doing a great thing for our fighting men and women. My son love the Turkish get-up BTW!

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