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Why Do I Eat So Much?

by Susan · 8 comments

That’s really the question I wanted you all to ask yourself this week.

If you take my nutrition challenges each week, you know that this week’s challenge was to only eat when you were hungry and eat less.

And as enthusiastically as you all have undertaken this challenge, I wasn’t shocked to see how many people actually had a hard time doing it. It may have been the most difficult nutrition challenge so far for you.

So why do you eat so much?

And why are you having trouble eating less?

There’s probably a dozen things that could be causing you to eat so much. They may be:

  1. Boredom
  2. Stress
  3. Distraction
  4. Fill a void
  5. Fun
  6. Contentment
  7. Socialization

But you are probably very aware of most of those – you are probably even guilty of a few.

However, in my experiment with eating less over the course of this week’s nutrition challenge, I have found 2 new reasons why you could be eating so much.

1. You’re thirsty.

If you were part of my inner circle, you would know that one of my biggest nutrition challenges is drinking enough (sometimes any) water. I truly do not have a thirst mechanism. I go right from being fine to having a headache and feeling like my gears are grinding. Then I have to go on overdrive to rehydrate. And if I just stayed hydrated in the first place I’d be fine.

Anyway, since I was trying to eat less this week I drank more water. And guess what happened? Any hunger rumblings I was experiencing actually disappeared for awhile.

It was amazing! If I felt hungry I drank a glass of water and it satisfied me.

Sometimes hunger isn’t really hunger at all.

2. You’re eating the same things in the same quantities as your spouse/significant other.

Here’s a brief scenario for you:

Since I met Scott 3 years ago, who is 6’4″ and is 50-60 pounds heavier then me, I have gained 14 pounds. That’s about 5 pounds per year.

That’s right, me – fitness professional and know it all, gained weight just from dating.

What I started to realize is that I eat portions of food that are very similar to Scott’s. I don’t need to eat the same amount of food as a 6″4″, 215 pound man does.

Even if our activity levels were identical, his food requirements are much higher then mine.

I have to start looking at what he takes and then eating less. There’s really no good reason to match him.

And chances are very good that you are doing something similar. If you are having trouble losing weight (or if you are gaining weight) take a look at what your husband or boyfriend eats and make sure you eat less. For now that’s a good starting point.

The bottom line is this: you have to start looking within yourself to figure out why you eat so much. Your don’t have the body of your dreams because you eat too much – period. So take a look inside and come up with an action plan to turn things around.

For me, I will be drinking more water and trying desparately to eat less then Scott. That’s a great start for me.

Keep me updated as to your progress and stick to your home workouts.

Your Friend and Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

P.S. If you need a little help with your portion control and knowing which foods to eat for weight loss you should definitely check out The Diet Solution Program by clicking here now.

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