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Workouts Without Weights at Home

by Susan · 16 comments

Skip the life imprisonment and use home workouts

Benefits of Workouts Without Weights at Home

Why even consider workouts without weights at home?

Saves time – no need to commute back and forth from the gym or waste time standing around there waiting for your turn on the machines.

Saves money – no gym membership, no expensive home equipment needed!

Convenient – get in quick home workouts whenever you can spare 10, 20, or 30 minutes. When the kids are sleeping, in the morning before the family wakes up, or while your spouse is bathing the kids. My favorite part is that you can do home workouts without weights at home right in front of the tv while you’re catching up on the your favorite tv shows. Time is just not an excuse when you can workout at home.

Increases your mobility – this is my favorite reason to start doing workouts without weights at home. Are you like 90% of Americans who sits on their ass all day for work? Then you go home and sit some more in front of the TV? Not to mention the sitting you do in the car during your commute to and from work and while running errands.

If this sounds like you, you have a limited amount of mobility in and around your hip and pelvis area, which in turn is causing mobility issues in your legs and back. Have any nagging chronic injuries? Then I suggest you start adding some mobility exercises into your home workouts routines. This one tip alone helped me to start to overcome a chronic leg injury I had for 6 years from running.

Examples of Workouts Without Weights at Home

  1. In line skating
  2. Hill sprinting
  3. Shuttle sprints
  4. Short burst sprints
  5. Kettlebell swinging (Maybe a weight? Who cares, it’s cool and effective)
  6. Swimming
  7. Biking
  8. Walking/running/jogging
  9. Battle ropes
  10. Jump ropes
  11. Stair climbing
  12. Rebounding
  13. Bodyweight cardio
  14. Bodyweight strength training circuits
  15. Tabata intervals
  16. Some combination of any of these

An Effective and Fun Example of How To Do Workouts Without Weights at Home

Bodyweight Strength Training Circuit: (complete this circuit and repeat for 15 minutes resting as little as possible)

  • Jump Squats 8
  • Inverted rows 10
  • Push ups 10
  • Reverse lunges 10
  • Plank (30 sec hold)

Stair Climbing: (complete for 15 minutes)

Find a flight of stairs either in your home or at a local park or sports field.

Perform the following in groups of 5 flights (walk down):

  • Run up single stairs
  • Run up double stairs
  • Hop up single stairs

My Workouts Without Weights at Home

Here is my home workout from yesterday:

  • Stair running 10 minutes
  • Hill running 10 minutes
  • Bodyweight cardio – hindu squats 20 x 3

I will also often use a rebounder and bodyweight strength training exercises and do them right in front of the TV while I’m catching up on my stories. That way, I get 2 things crossed off my to do list at one time and I’m not just sitting there like a lump watching TV. That’s a tough pill to swallow when you sit behind a desk all day (you know, creating awesome content and workouts for you!).

Summarizing Workouts Without Weights at Home

The bottom line about home workouts is that you do not have to go to the smelly, crowded and overpriced gym to lose weight.

If you like competing for equipment, watching guys adore themselves in the mirror, and wasting time doing slow cardio that doesn’t burn fat then fel free to keep using the gym. However, I’ve been working out at home for years as part of my workout plan and I continue to make improvements in my fitness levels and keep my weight where I want it.

You’re call, but you have all the tools you need right here to get the job done at home.

Your Friend & Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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