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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 16

by Susan · 15 comments

Ah, the days we all dream about on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet!

It’s day 16 for me on the program and I had a great cheat day!

I woke up to Scott making the exact thing I mentioned the previous day I was thinking of having for cheat day – chocolate chip banana pancakes!

Isn’t he so sweet?

I smeared butter all over them btw, out-freakin-standing!

That was about 7:30 am and then I went about my day. I was a busy little bee and at one point I looked at the clock and it was 11 am!

Where the hell did my morning go? I was supposed to have already eaten so much by then! I was so mad I wasted my morning!

But I guess I really wasn’t hungry. In fact, I really didn’t even need to eat then but because I got all panicky about not taking full advantage of the day, I did what any other sane person would do in this situation – I went to the Snack Bar for a medium soft serve twist.

Ice cream is my weakness. One of few weaknesses I have in the food department, actually. And I planned on having my share today, that I knew for sure.

Funny, again I was working at the computer working on one of my websites and I saw it was after 3 pm – all I had eaten at this point was the pancakes and ice cream. I was really pissed the time was going by so fast.

Why don’t fasting days go by this quickly? Damn!

So, I ran down to the local convenient store who has the best hot dogs in town! I crave these things – I’m not sure why, it’s a hot dog. But they’re always so fresh and steamy when I get them (which is rarely) so I was happy to not feel bad about the purchase.

I also grabbed a container of chocolate milk while I was there.

Next up, dinner with Mom. I was feeling the need for another attempt at fettuchini Alfredo. Last cheat day I had some and it sort of sucked. So disappointed!

But tonight, I found some that was so good that I ate the entire bowl of pasta! Gross! You know how much pasta you get at Italian restaurants, right? I didn’t know my stomach could hold that much food – and not rebel against me!

But I wasn’t done yet. We went to another local ice cream stand in town and both got hot fudge sundaes.

Now, you know about my love affair with ice cream, but by the time I got to the bottom of thie bowl I was ready to put the spoon down.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

To summerize:

  • banana chocolate chip pancakes
  • medium ice cream cone
  • 2 hot dogs
  • chocolate milk
  • fettuchini alfredo
  • hot fudge sundae

Good times, as I write this I am already dreaming about my next cheat day. I should be dreaming about fasting tomorrow after looking at this nasty list.

Ok moving on to the workout. The cheat day is also a great day because you only have one density workout and that’s it.

My workout was spectacular! I love how you do one set of an exercise, think you did your best but when you do set #2 and you increase your weight AND increase your reps from set #1 you realize that you just pushed yourself so much more.

I find that so rewarding and I’m hoping my figure does soon too!

So, today marks the beginning of my 4th cycle out of 5. I’m over half way there and that is really feeling good to me. I am so proud of myself for sticking so closely to the program for so long already. The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is no joke and is not for the faint of heart.

And if you are reading this and have been doing the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet yourself you should be proud of yourself as well. You are a rare breed – persistent, courageous, and a massive action taker!

You’re probably wondering about my weight and my measurements through cycle 3.

I hate to disappoint you but I again, as in cycle 2, chose NOT to check my results.

As you might remember, I’m a little bloaty and what not from being in my “girl time”, I won’t say too much about it, but I know my body very well, and I know that if I stepped on the scale I would have thrown it out the window. No use taking a measurement I know won’t be accurate, if for no other reason to preserve my own sanity.

I am at my leanest (you know, not retaining a gallon and a half of water) this Monday and will take my measurements then.

I will say that even when we don’t take the actual measurements we sort of know what’s happening with our bodies. You look in the mirror, you feel how your clothes fit. You know.

I know. I think I’m seeing some good stuff happening here and I don’t need a scale to confirm that.

One thing I am noticing is that my quads are getting wicked definition – never had that before. Then again, I’ve never squated, lunged, or jumped as much as I have on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet before either.

I’m also noticing a leaning out of my hips and thighs which I am super excited about. Can’t wait to see how far these positive results will go!

Gearing up for fasting day – I think I have done a good enough job today to get me through :-)

Your Friend and Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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P.P.S. Feel free to join my FREE Xtreme Fat Loss Diet community by clicking the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Community link at the top of this page! There are other Xtreme Fat Loss Diet participants who want to be in touch with you, ask questions, learn your challenges, and hear your best practices. Let’s lose fat together!

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1 Kristin May 26, 2010 at 11:30 am

Actually my husband is not doing the Xtreme Fat loss Diet (even though he should). He said he might try it if he saw that I had some results. We’ll see. I don’t think he could go an entire day without eating! LOL

2 susan May 27, 2010 at 9:51 am

I’m not sure anyone thinks they can go an entire day without eating until they do it!

3 Kristin May 26, 2010 at 4:24 am

Nice cheat day Susan!
I started the morning off with French toast using whole what bread! I love sugar and cinnamon togather! I then snacked on chips and guacamole. Between my husband and I we finished the bag and the the little dipping sauce by the end of the day.

We also finished off a little jar of Macadamia Nut ice cream! For lunch I made a pasta bake with whole wheat pasta, tomate sauce and ground turkey! Yum Yum! I had some principe Cookies (cookies with chocolate filling after that). In the afternoon, since it was such a nice day we went to the beach and surprisingly I wasn’t feeling super bloated (that came later). After the beach, we had a coffee at our beach bar. I love getting a decafinated cafe con leche and pouring it over a glass of ice in the summer! (We have been having some amazing beach weather here in the north of Spain!) On the way home, we stopped at sweet shop/bakery and I picked up a little bag of conguitos (chocolate covered peanuts), some toffee (which is caramel here), and my husband and I shared a napolitana (a pastry that has chocolate in it). I think I got enough chocolate in!
For dinner we had a bolognese pizza and of course I topped it off with some stracciatella ice cream and nutella! There’s still some left for my next cheat day.

Wow, what a day.
The only downside to this was the bathroom issue. Have you been having any bathroom issues on this diet. I think since I am not eating my normal all bran cereal, I am not getting enough fiber in this diet. I had to use something to help myself and I also picked up a detox liquid (all kinds of herbs to help me go to the bathroom!) Feeling much better today on day 19 mod carb day!

4 susan May 26, 2010 at 8:19 am

Wow, what a cheat day! BTW< I hope you're jusband is on the Xtreme Fat Loss DIet too or else he is going to need to after enjoying cheat day with you! Ha! No bathroom issues here. I have an absolute amazing digestive system. I know, weird thing to brag about. I would try eating more free veggies each day but fast day. I can see how things might get backed up….

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