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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 4

by Susan · 14 comments

Today is Mother’s Day and day 4 of my journey on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet!

I started the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet when I did because I figured the best day to work around Mother’s Day would be the Moderate Carb Day.

The plan for the day was to throw my Mom in the car and whisk her away to Springfield, MA where we would meet my sister and nephew from CT for a Mother’s Day lunch.

Great plan! (I came up with that one myself!)

So, I got up this morning and had my first moderate carb meal: 2 organic egss, 2 slices of bacon from a local farm, 1/2 a banana and a handful of strawberries! Great start if I do say so myself!

After about an hour I got right to the workout of the day, a dynamic workout.

But holy crap was I friggin’ sore! I was just coming off 3 days of straight hard core resistance workouts and I was in rough shape. I decided to do an extra long warm up for this workout to get myself loosened up and that seemed to do the trick ok.

But in all honesty, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this workout. After the strength workout from Day 3, I couldn’t lift my arms above my head because my chest hurt that badly!

I actually went back to the training manual that comes with the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and skimmed through it looking for something I missed about dealing with sore muscles. But I really didn’t miss anything.

I figured that Joel Marion had to have known that these workouts were going to kick our butts when they prescribed these daily resistance workouts. I was a little concerned of hurting myself at this point.

But again, for the sake of the readers, I just did the workout anyway.

And it really wasn’t all that bad. Of course, like all the other workouts in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet it took me about 45 minutes, but I couldn’t dilly dally because I had to go spoil Mom today!

This workout damn near killed me, but only because my muscles were sore. I would like to think I could have completed it with a little more grace if I had fresh muscles.

But no use dwelling on that, I did the best I could until I got to the final exercise of the workout – the push up. I was to do as many as I could to failure.

That was easy – after yesterday’s strength workout I tallied exactly zero push ups.

Like I said, I couldn’t even lift my arms without wincing let alone move my body weight from one point to another.

So, I picked up Mom and headed to MA for lunch.

By the time we got there I was SOOOO ready to eat. I made a pretty good choice for the diet of the day, a black and blue salad, light on the blue with no dressing. And I only ate about half of it, it was huge.

But the meals my sister and Mom ordered came with bread pudding for desert (crap) and my nephew had to go and order a giant strawberry shortcake that had about half a can of whipped cream on it, which he could care less about, by the way.

So naturally, Aunt Susie has to step up and take one for the kid. I scooped up a few spoonfuls of the whipped cream and ate it.

I also had a few tastes of the bread pudding, which really wasn’t all that good so I didn’t do any real damage.

But none the less, I ate something I wasn’t supposed to – I’m SO weak!

We had a great time but had to hop back in the car for our 1 hour and 30 minute drive back home, just in time for dinner, and my Mother’s Day date with my Dad and step mother – at another restaurant. Great.

This time I just ordered french onion soup and skipped the large crouton they put in it. Just broth and cheese. MMMMM cheese. That was tasty and satisfying.

OK, so now it is 8 pm and I have yet to do my second workout of the day, my HIIT session. But by the time I got home I was so pooped and I was sore and you know what? I feel asleep on the couch before I did my HIIT. I totally blew it off.

I suck, AGAIN!

Thank god this day is over, I messed up so many times. And really, it was because of the temptation as a result of being social.

I often recommend that we distance ourselves from anyone or any situation that may result in us cheating when doing something as extreme as the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. And today was a great demonstration of that – but it was Mother’s Day and I did the best I could.

So, the moral of the story is several fold:

1. Don’t let others tempt you with food you should not be eating. Avoid those situations all together if you can’t be strong and resist (I’m not strong when whipped cream is involved).

2. Make sure you have people around you that will support you and your efforts to meet your goals.

3. When you make a mistake in eating or working out, forgive yourself and move on. But do no further damage.

Your Friend and Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

P.S. You are SO ready to lose the unwanted pounds, aren’t you? Get on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet with me and let’s support each other! Click here to join me —> Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

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1 Angela May 12, 2010 at 11:39 am

In my opinion, that’s really not screwing it up. What’s your goal anyway? Personally, I scheduled my Cheat Day for Mother’s Day. :) That way, I could eat anything I wanted with absolutely no guilt.

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