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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Days 22-25

by Susan · 18 comments

So, I had quite a finish to the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

My final days on the program fell over Memorial Day weekend. I didn’t plan that one out very well, did I?

Let’s go back to day 22, my 5th and final fasting day on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

Remember how rediculously hot I said it had been here in upstate NY? Well, day 21, my final cheat day was something like 94 degrees and when you factored in the humidity it was well over 100 degrees.

Well, I guess I didn’t drink enough water over the course of those few oppressive days because it totally hit me on fasting day.

I made it through all 3 workouts (lactic acid strength training session, HIIT, and cardio) as well as a pick up soccer game as part of my fitness bootcamp I ran that evening.

That’s a lot of activity for no food but it makes it damn near impossible to do all of that with no water.

I started to feel a little goofy – I guess you could say light headed, about 5 pm that day. Now keep in mind I had never had a problem with fasting day up until now. I was drinking water but admittedly not enough.

So I went to the store and grabbed a 0 calorie flavored water drink after my bootcamp. I figured that would set me straight.

Now as a side note, Scott and I were headed out of town the following evening for a Memorial Day camping trip with some friends. Meanwhile, Scott took on WAY too much work for the week and was working 15 hour days to get everything done.

So, Thursday at about 9:30 pm he called me up and asked if I could come moonlight as a carpenter’s helper (the carpenter would be Scott) to finish up a job installing a hardwood floor that needed to be completed before he left.

So, I hopped on over there to help. There was so much left to do and virtually no time to finish it!

Long story short, we were there until 4:10 am! So, on a fasting day when I would normally try to be in bed by 10 pm to help my brain not focus on food, I stayed up 6 hours longer – doing some pretty tough physical labor, after I had already done 3 workouts and a pick up soccer game – and having not eaten a thing.

I had no choice but to break fast. I had a few breakfast ceral bars Scott had with him. It was a pretty poor choice but beggars can’t be choosers.

We went to bed about 4:30 am and Scott was up at 6:30 am to start another job. Crazy. I, however, slept (quite horribly) until 9:30 am. And when I got up, there was no way I was drinking no stinkin’ shake.

I literally couldn’t do it. I did way too much and drank way too little for the last fasting day, got virtually no sleep that night and simply needed something more substantial with more energy to bring me back to life. I ended up having a breakfast sammich.

And that was the end of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet for me. No shake day, and I saw no reason to try to squeek out the final two days while on vacation and probably doing that half assed as well. There was no way I was bringing weights with me to do while camping. It was time for a break.

So I made it through 22 days on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Probably outstanding when you think about all the people who won’t even give them program a shot because it involves too much effort. So for that I am very proud of myself. Plus I can give an accurate account of the program to all of my readers and clients. I feel good about that, I hate to just recommend programs all willy nilly.

But I am disappointed I finished 3 days short. But I will say again what I have been saying for the last 25 days to all the XFLDieters in my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Community and those around the web:

If you fall off the wagon, acknowledge where you went wrong, learn from it, move on and persevere.

I am VERY proud of all of you who was doing the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet along with me and following me and my XFLD shenanigans along the way.

For those of you who are interested to know my final results here they are:

Weight loss: 3.9 lbs

Inches lost: 3.3 inches

When I stand in look in the mirror, I do see that a major body transformation from fat to muscle has started taking place. In fact, it makes me want to continue down this road and set a few new fitness goals for myself.

I am loving what I am seeing! Especially in my upper back and in my thighs. I am seeing muscle definition where I have never seen it before.

I still have more ab flab to lose, as well as some more work in other areas, but for 22 days on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, I say that this is pretty damn good!

Not only for my results, but because I am now more motivated than ever to become the best version of myself that I can be!

I hope XFLD has motivated you as well in this way and that you have seen similar (and even better) results.

As for my next steps I will be taking now that I have completed the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, I will be updating you on that in an upcoming post.

Please continue to follow me on my journey so that I can continue to follow and support you!

Your Friend and Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

P.S. Hop on board the Xtreme Fat Loss train! Take your fat loss journey along side mine and let’s support each other! Click here now to start —> Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

P.P.S. Feel free to join my FREE Xtreme Fat Loss Diet community by clicking the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Community link at the top of this page! There are other Xtreme Fat Loss Diet participants who want to be in touch with you, ask questions, learn your challenges, and hear your best practices. Let’s lose fat together!

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1 Angela June 22, 2010 at 8:10 pm

Thanks for sharing your invaluable experience on XFLD! I am only on Day 2 and am desperately trying not to throw in the towel! Gaaahhh!

2 susan June 23, 2010 at 10:54 am

Hey Angela! No throwing in the towel – you can do it. It’s only 25 days and the potential to really transform your body is too great to quit. Hang in there and feel free to be in touch with questions anytime!

3 Kristin June 2, 2010 at 5:58 am

Well, I am kind of in the same boat. Since I have been working with a personal trainer and we are having our measuring day next week, I decided to jump onto his program (it’s kind of late now because any results I have made have been from the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet not my trainer’s program. His program is much easier and very different from what I’ve been doing.

First of all, I completed the shake day well and moved onto the Mod carb day yesterday. Today should be Protein depletion and tomorrow technically would be another cheat day but instead of doing a Protein Depletion day I am doing another mod carb day until sat to get me into more of a lifestyle eating plan. Kind of like cheat your way thin but I am going to tone it down to what my trainer said.

Yesterday on Mod carb, instead of doing the dynamic workout I switched to my trainer’s workout, which is a four-day split. Monday workout 1, Tuesday Workout 2, Wednesday rest day (which is today and I am finding it really hard to have my first day off. I want to go do something. Maybe later I’ll do some yoga! Thursday Workout 1 again, and Friday Workout 2 again with Sat and Sun rest. He told me it’s soo important for the body to rest because that is the way it heals itself from he workouts. The workouts are 3 circuits but only doing 2 exercises and the third circuit is an ab circuit. I am going to have to tell him that I was doing a different program for the first couple of weeks because now switching to his workout after doing John’s workouts I was barely sweating yesterday, nothing like with John’s workouts where I was sweating everywhere almost.

As with food, he said to try and stay away from pasta, bread, and of course all sweets for right now. Once a week I can have a more relaxed day to psychologically feel better which will definitely be pasta or rice (paella once a week! Yum!). Once I bring my body fat % down then I will introduce these foods back into my diet. I sometimes have a piece of bread in the morning,(carbs early) still keeping some of the things Joel talked about in my eating plan!

Yesterday and today I have had a great breakfast with lots of fruit: cherries, pears, peaches, apples, plums, etc. I also a bit of barley oats and added some stevia and cinnamon. I am going to move into a more natural/clean eating plan. I am going to get rid of all my cheat day leftovers (cookies and ice cream mostly) that are on the top shelf of the cupboard in a bag (so I can’t see it) and generallty try and stay away from that stuff to be a better healthier person. I am also focusing a lot of legumes and vegetables. On Monday night, I made pisto (which is like ratatouille, that was the translation!) with green and red peppers and onion and cooked them until they were extremely soft. I have been eating this on the side along with my chicken yesterday! I also made purrosalda which is basically a leek soup with leeks, a few potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin! That was delicious and I had that for dinner yesterday!

Last night I made some homemade chili with peppers, onions, ground chicken and lots of cumin and cayena! I had some of that this morning with and that was delicious for a morning snack!

I am also going to count calories for a week or so just to understand my portions. One of the biggest problems I have besides my love for chocolate and sweets is my portion sizes and eating when I’m bored. I am going to try and control these three things by making small lifestyle changes and eating from smaller plates. The food scale I bought has been really great and I can’t wait to see where I get to in the future with my body.

Also, as far as loss, I haven’t re-measured myself but I went back to the bodyfat scale at the gym and they measured me:

May 5th, 2010:
Weight: 75.2 kilos
Fat: 27 kilos (35.9%)
Lean body mass; 48.2 kilos (64.1%)
Waist: 86 cm.
BMI: 26.6
BMR: 1293.22 calories

May 31st 2010:
Weight: 73 kilos (lost 2.2 kilos or 4.8 lbs)
Fat: 24.7 kilos (33.8%) lost 2.3 lbs of fat or 2.1%
Lean mass: 48.3 kilos (66.16) gained .1 of lean mass
Waist: 83 cm (lost 3 cm)
BMI: 25.3 (went down 1.3)
BMR: 1297.78 (I can eat 5 more calories a day!)

So the results aren’t exactly where I wanted them to be after Joel’s huge claims but I am going to keep working at becoming a healthier person!

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