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Yet ANOTHER Food You Should Avoid

by Susan · 5 comments

I am constantly struggling with the concept of eating meat and other animal products.

Should I? Should I not? Is it safe to eat? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Am I supporting the cruelty of animals?

Truth be told, I could give or take meat. I eat it once in a while but not everyday, mostly because it just isn’t my thing. It’s the dairy, cheese, cream, butter, that I have the problem avoiding.

Either way, I know there are very real issues with factory farmed meat. That is the meat you and I get from the supermarkets and most of the restaurants in America.

These animal “farms” have become more like factories. Their main goal is to make $$ and to accomplish that they need to grow as many animals as possible, as quickly as possible, and as big as possible.

The conditions these places keep their animals in are horrible. Animals are generally confined to very small spaces, trod around in their own excrement, and endure extreme stress in confinement.

For example, when born, chickens get the ends of their beaks chopped off so that when they get pissed at the chic next to them all up in their business, they don’t do some serious damage when they start pecking the hell out of each other.

Cows are fed all sorts of crap, including the meat of animals who got sick and died on the farm, not their natural diet of grass, and they pump them full of antibiotics to prevent infection and hormones to make them grow.

Is that something you want to eat?

Let’s talk about how this effects the meat you get at a fast food restaurant, such as McDonald’s.

Check out this short video about a guy who has saved a ton burgers over the years only to discover that none of them spoil.

These burgers look exactly the same years later! Why?

Because of all of the chemicals and preservatives you saw listed in that video. Did you realize every time you ate a McDonald’s burger you were eating chloroform?

And did you know that when you eat a McDonald’s burger you are eating the meat from about 1,000 different cows? Those are pretty good odds that you are going to get some sick meat.

And there is absolutely no way in hell you are ever going to lose an ounce of fat if you eat this crap.

Anyway, if you are like me, and looking for a healthier, higher quality choice for meat, I think I’ve found it!

I found a website who sells free range, grass fed beef, poultry, cheese, butter and more. The best part is they ship it to your door on ice in only a few days and shipping is free.

Check it out here: Grassland Beef. And I don’t make any money if you buy products from this website, I just really want to get the word out there that there are healthier and affordable options out there for those of us who care about our health.

If you would like to do more research on the topic there are a ton of really great books out there. Two of my favorites has been Fast Food Nation and Food, Inc.

CB EasyVeggieMealsEbook Final2And if all this makes you go vegetarian or vegan, consider Kardena Pauza’s Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

Keep up with your home workouts for fat loss!

Let me know what you think.

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