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Your FREE Monthly Fat Loss Workouts

by Susan · 9 comments

Hey All, I hope you had a GREAT July 4th weekend!

I did, and I have to be honest, I really needed the downtime.

Scott and I did a lot of fun things this weekend, including brunch, the farmer’s market, and a 4+ hour canoe trip down the Kaydeross.We did a little fishing on thr trip and caught about 6 large-mouth bass. But they were all too small and we had to throw them back.

Monday was a day for me to re-group, re-evaluate, and re-plan some things in my business. You should always be working towards a goal, and always be evaluating where you are and how to get yourself (or keep yourself) on track for success.

In fact, I didn’t just do this because it was a long weekend, I did it because July 4th is sort of like a second New Year’s day.

Exactly half of 2010 is over. You get a scond shot at starting over, making a plan, and taking massive action towards your goals.

So, that’s what I did, and I hope you will do that too.

And one of the things I came up with was a FREE monthly workout for you.

I know times are tough these days and if you’re following me and reading this post right now chances are you are interested in transforming your body. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of Ultimate Home Workouts yet then you might appreciate a FREE workout.

Here it is. But make sure you train safe and do a proper warm up before doing any workout.

This can be done anywhere, at home, outside, or at the gym. I just thought I would gear it towards home/outside since it sucks to be in a gym when it’s so nice outside.

I would classify this as an intermediate workout that can be altered to make it more easier or more difficult and advanced.

Do the following super quick fat loss workout as part of your complete exercise regime (you know, what I’ve been teaching you for the last year?).

Set #1:

  • Vertical jumps – 5 jump: No rest
  • Push ups or DB press- 8 reps: Rest 30 seconds, repeat 1x and then go to set #2.

Set #2:

  • DB reverse lunges – 8/leg: No rest
  • DB 1 Arm rows – 10/arm: Rest 30 seconds, repeat 1x and then go to Bodyweight cardio.

Bodyweight cardio:

  • Burpees – 24 seconds then rest 36 seconds for a total of 10 minutes

Cool down and stretch

Make sure you are doing at least 2-3 strength training sessions (similar to this one) per week, 2 HIIT sessions each week, as well as getting out and taking advantage of the weather and doing something fun outside.

Go for long dog walks, hop on your bike, swim with the kids, hike a mountain, paddle a canoe, play a pick up game of ultimate frisbee or anything else that gets you sweaty for 30-60 minutes. But nothing boring like the treadmill or stairmaster, unless you really love it.

So, give this workout a shot and let me know what you think.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what your goals are and how a great workout will help you be successful.

Your friend and coach,

Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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